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Posted DateDivisionTeamHeading
2018-05-17 Men Rec 2 Lynwood Lightning MR2 Looking for a midfielder
2018-05-15 Men Rec 1 Lynwood Red Magid MR1 Team looking for a Goalie
2018-05-08 Men Rec 2 Falcons Santos MR2 Falcons MR2 - Looking for 2-3 Additional Players
2018-05-07 Women C3 A Nepean Hotspurs Red Hot Nepean Hotspurs WC3 looking for players
2018-05-06 Women Rec 1 OISC Redblacks Looking for 3 women
2018-05-04 Women C3 B CCAFC Looking for players
2018-05-03 Women C4 CCAFC WC4 Looking for players
2018-05-03 Women C1 A Nepean Hotspurs WC1/WC3 tryouts this Sunday
2018-05-03 Men OT2 Rockers United OT team looking for a goalkeeper.
2018-05-02 Men C1 A WOS MC1 Watson WOS MC1
2018-05-02 Women C3 A Falcons WC3 looking for a full or part time keeper
2018-05-02 Women Rec 3 West Ottawa Soccer Womens Recreational 3 Bulldogs Looking for players
2018-05-02 Women C2 OSU Force Looking for players
2018-05-02 Men Rec 2 Spitfires United Men's Team Looking for skilled, fit players
2018-05-02 Women C2 OCSC WC2 Ottawa City Soccer WC2 looking for players
2018-05-02 Men C5 LACA Foxes We want you! BTW we are also very affordable!
2018-05-02 Women C3 B Prescott Gunners Prescott Gunners WC3 looking for keeper
2018-05-02 Women Rec 4 Almonte W Rec 4 looking for girls
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