Game # 1025Women C5

Thursday, Jul 20, 2017
Franco Cite @ 20:30

Barrie ELLIS


OISC Redblacks WC5





Outstanding Fines:
Outstanding Fines:

*Starting June 27 the West Parking Lot and Entrance to Franco Cite Field will be closed. Teams must park in the lot to the East of the school, near the ball diamond, and use the East gates to access the field. 


Hillcrest and Franco Turf

Turf Field Etiquette and Rules of Use

The Ottawa internationals Soccer Club (OISC) is very fortunate to have access to wonderful turf fields at Franco and Hillcrest. This has occurred through a long-term partnership with both school boards. It is imperative that every OISC member and user of these facilities does everything in their power to make this relationship with the school board and the neighbors a perfect union. Since the carpeted playing surface must last for 13 years and we will be a principle user, it is imperative that we ensure that it is properly maintained and protected.


The use and maintenance of turf fields are completely different that natural grass fields and they must be respected.  The following are turf field etiquette and rules of use for these facilities that will allow us to optimize the life expectancy of the playing surface and work with the both schools and neighborhoods to ensure peaceful co-existence at these sites.


Prohibited on Turf Fields;


1.                  No food or beverages (other than water) is allowed on the artificial turf field.

2.                  No chewing gum or tobacco is allowed on the artificial turf field.

3.                  No smoking is allowed within the gated areas of the turf fields.

4.                  Open flames, fireworks, welding, etc. are banned from the gated areas of the turf fields.

5.                  No bicycles are allowed within the gated areas of the turf fields.

6.                  No sharp metal cleats (as used in baseball and golf) are allowed on the turf field.

7.                  No hard tires are allowed on the turf field. (including equipment cases and luggage)

8.                  No vehicles, trailers, tractors, or any vehicle of any sort is permitted on the field without the expressed permission of the OISC

9.                  No vehicular parking is allowed on the turf field.

10.              No football cages or tackling racks are allowed on the playing field.

11.              No pegs are to be used to hold down any item on the turf field.

12.              No sharp sports objects are allowed on the turf field  (javelins, darts, pegs of any kind)

13.              No liquid chemicals or lubricant fluids are allowed on the turf field.

14.              No animals are allowed on the turf field other then service dogs.

15.              Sporting activities using sticks or clubs on the playing surface are prohibited (i.e. field hockey, cricket, golf, etc

16.              OISC only has access to the turf field facilities on regular school nights starting at 6:00 PM, if there are school activities on the playing surface, no OISC player, parents or coaches must enter the playing field until 6:00 PM.

17.              Prior to entering the turf playing area, ensure that your shoes are free of all dirt and debris.  Clean all dirt off your shoes prior to entering the turf area.. 

18.              Only regular shoes, grass cleats or artificial turf cleats are allowed on the playing surface.   High healed shoes are not allowed on the turf field.

19.              Drinks and food refreshment stations for players shall be off the turf field on adjacent paved areas.  Teams using partial field areas must move off the playing surfaces to consume food and refreshments other than water during their sporting activities.

20.              Chairs are prohibited on the turf field.  They should only be used on the adjacent paved surfaces.

21.              Tents and canopies shall only be erected on the paved or natural grass areas adjacent to the turf field.  Tents shall be secured to adjacent fencing or grass areas with pegs.

22.              No climbing and/or perching on soccer nets, fences, trees, utility shed, transformer or football goalposts.

23.              Soccer post netting and corner flags shall not be removed from the gated areas.  Corner flags and full field nets shall be put back in place at end of sporting activity if moved.

24.              All adjacent areas to the playing field shall be kept free of litter, debris, mud, dirt and oil and chemical spillage.   Please pick up all debris while within the facility (regardless if it is your or others).  Use trash and litter containers to eliminate debris adjacent to areas of the turf field.


Parking Areas and Entrance to Facility;

1.                  Bylaw officers will ticket anyone in Fire Lanes or illegally parked.

2.                  Access to the turf field will be controlled though one main access point.

3.                  All OISC members must park in the Hillcrest parking lots and not on the neighborhood streets.

4.                  When OISC is playing, our parents MUST park in the SOUTH parking lot with only the coach and equipment manager parking in the NORTH parking lot. We should be excellent hosts and allow our visitors the closer parking spots.

5.                  Please ensure that you park in a designated parking area.

6.                  Do not park on any natural grass area or on pedestrian sidewalks.  (you would not like it if someone parking on your lawn, neither does the school board)

7.                  Do not park on Dauphin Road.

8.                  Do not park in a circulation route posted with “No Parking” signs and restrict traffic.

9.                  At Hillcrest H.S. there is ample parking located on the south side of the school.  Please use this lot when the north lot is full. 

10.              Leave all bicycles and other motorized vehicles outside the gated areas of the turf fields.

11.              Parking at Franco is only on the East Side of the school, entrance from Smyth road, near the Ball Diamond. 

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Men C1
Force MC11 - 3 Royals S MC1
Hornets MC12 - 3 Royals S MC1
Stefan MC14 - 1 Rockers MC1
Royals B MC12 - 0 OISC MC1
WOSC MC1PreForce MC1
Dynamos MC10 - 0 Cap U MC1
WOSC MC1PreRoyals S MC1

Men C2
Hornets MC24 - 3 OISC MC2
Impact MC22 - 1 Cobras MC2
Royals MC22 - 1 Cobras MC2
Celtic MC22 - 2 Falcons MC2
OISC MC21 - 1 Hornets MC2
Impact MC2PreACF MC2

Men C3
Sunset MC30 - 2 Titans MC3
Royals MC3PreImpact MC3

Men C4
Hellenic MC43 - 1 Internat MC4
Lynwood MC41 - 2 Gunners MC4
Stefan MC42 - 1 Jadran MC4

Men C5
OSU MC52 - 1 Bears MC5
Sporting MC55 - 0 Russell MC5
Glengarry5 - 0 Talons MC5

Men Premier
ACF MP PreCeltic MP
St A MP PreGatineau MP
Force MP PreHellenic MP

Men Rec 1
Inter Milan PreRocs MR1
Cent MR1PreRoyals MR1
Hooligans3 - 4 Kougars MR1
Celtic MR1PreRed MR1

Men Rec 2
CP MR23 - 0 Manic MR2

Men Rec 3
Celtic MR30 - 0 ND MR3
Raiders MR34 - 2 Weagles MR3
Royals MR3PreWolves MR3
Hornets MR32 - 2 Boro MR3
Lightning R3PreEleven FC MR

Men Rec 4
Cobras MR41 - 1 Rockland MR4
ACF MR45 - 5 CP MR5
Sunset MR44 - 0 Bears MR4
Kougars MR50 - 1 Falcons MR4
Fitzroy MR40 - 3 Glens MR4
Wolves MR46 - 1 OISC MR4

Men Rec 6
Spitfires R66 - 1 Assassin MR6
Fitzroy MR512 - 3 CCA MR6
Almonte MR65 - 0 Arnprior MR6
Bears MR61 - 3 Golden MR6
Strikers MR6PreBurners MR6

Ottawa Competitive Cup
OISC MPPreHellenic MP

Ottawa Recreational Cup
ND MR3PreSpartans MR2

Men OT Masters1
Hull MOT1defPerth MOT1
Royals MOT1PrePanthers MOT
St A MOT1PreHull MOT1
Perth MOT1PreFalcons 50
Chargers MOTPreOISC MOT1

Men OT Masters2
Jadran MOT2PreSpurs MOT2
Hull MOT2PreRamblers MOT

Men OT Masters3
United MOT36 - 0 OISC MOT3
Hornets MOT3PreRoyals MOT3
Hotspurs GBPreHotspurs TG

Men OT1
Eagles OT1PreOISC OT1

Men OT2
VitoshaPreAylmer OT2
Rockers OT2PreWOSC Jet OT2
Celtic OT2PreCap U OT2
WOSC G OT2PreAylmer OT2
Cent OT2PreBosnia OT2
Falcons OT2PreHellenic OT2
OISC OT2PreStefan OT2
Lions OT2PreLSCU OT2

Men OT3
Hustlers FC 4 - 3 Weagles OT3
Lynx OT3PreStrollersot3
Sunset OT3PreArnprior OT3
Bolides OT3PreGlouc SC OT3
Weagles OT3PreInter OT3
Wolves OT3PreHustlers FC
Saints OT3PreViola OT3

Men OT4
LACA OT4PreEagles OT4
Aylmer V OT4PreRaider OT4
Kougars OT4PreFitzroy OT4
Red Star OT4PreRoyals OT4
ACF MkangoPreACF White
G Eagles OT4PreCitizens OT4
Peru OT4PreSunset OT4
Aylmer R OT4PreWOSC G OT4

Men OT5
Royals B OT5PreHellenic OT5
Fusion OT5PreND OT5
Aylmer OT5PreBears OT5
Almonte OT5PreBolides OT5
Leopards OT5PreAlmonte Lynx
Glens OT5PreRoyals S OT5
OISC OT5PreMexico OT5

Men OT6
Kazatele OT6PreUrsa OT6
Fusion OT6PreGunners OT6
Bear OT6PreLions OT6
City OT6PreStealth OT6
Cobras OT6PreArnprior OT6
W Eagles OT6PreSpitfiresot6
Lusitaniaot6PreRockers OT6
FH Utd OT6PreKorea OT6

Men OT7
OSU OT7PrePerth OT7
Lusitania A PreOISC S OT7
Ocelots OT7PreEagles OT7
Hotspurs OT7PreCougars OT7

Women C1
Attack WC10 - 1 OISC WC1
Impact WC12 - 2 Rockers WC1
Clippers WC1PreWhite WC1
WOSC Red WC13 - 1 Hotspurs WC1

Women C2
WOSC WC25 - 6 Royals WC2
Cap U WC20 - 2 Impact WC2
OISC WC20 - 0 Force WC2
Hotspurs WC21 - 3 Rockland WC2
United WC21 - 7 Royals WC2
United WC2PreOISC WC2

Women C3
Rockers WC30 - 2 Shooter WC3
Gunners WC32 - 2 Lusitaniawc3
Gunners WC3PreRoyals WC3
Cobras WC3PreForce WC3
Lusitaniawc3PreHornets WC3
Falcons WC3PreOISC WC3
Shooter WC3PreRockers WC3

Women C4
OISC WC44 - 1 Falcons WC4
Kougars WC42 - 1 Green WC4
Power WC42 - 6 Raiders WC4

Women C5
NDHQ Elite 6 - 1 Raiders WC5
Raiders WC5PreNDHQ WC5
Redb WC5PreCCA WC5

Women Premier
Clippers WP2 - 2 Cap U WP
Royals WPPreAcademy WP
Hornets WPPreCap U WP

Women Rec 1
Royals WR1PreCobras WR1
Code Red WR1PreWood WR1
Hydras WR1PreSF WR1

Women Rec 2
Hornets WR21 - 7 Swat WR2
Storm WR22 - 0 GoaldigWR2
WOSC WR22 - 1 Almonte WR2

Women Rec 3
Cobras WR3PreJadran WR3
Fusion WR3PreCP WR3
ND WR3PreUntamed WR3

Women Rec 4
Code W WR4PreNL WR4
Citizens WR4PrePanthers WR4


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