Game # 1489Men C2 A

Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018
University of Ottawa - Matt Anthony @ 21:00

Axel-eitel NTIENJEM


Ottawa United Juventus MC2




Gloucester Hornets MC2

Outstanding Fines:
Outstanding Fines:

801 King Edward Avenue

Please note that you are not permitted to wear metal cleats on the field. Drinking alcohol is prohibited at the field.

From the West:

- Take the 417 (Queensway) to the Nicholas, Lees Ave. exit.
- Take the Lees Avenue route (the one to the right) until you come to a STOP sign.
- Turn left and stay on this road until you come to a fairly major intersection. Greenfield, Mann, Lees and King Edward all come together here.
- Mann Ave. is to the right. Our building is through the lights on the right hand side. (801 King Edward)
- Turn right on Mann Ave. and left into the parking garage.

From the East:

- Take the 417 (Queensway) to the Nicholas, Mann exit.
- Stay to the right (Mann) exit
- At the first set of lights, turn left onto King Edward
- Stay on this road until you come to a fairly major intersection. Greenfield, Mann, Lees and King Edward all come together here.
- Mann Ave. is to the right. Our building is through the lights on the right hand side. (801 King Edward)
- Turn right on Mann Ave. and left into the parking garage.

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Men C1 A
OCS Blue MC14 - 2 St Stefan M1
OSU BlackMC12 - 3 Impact MC1
St A MC13 - 3 OISC MC1
Falcons MC10 - 1 WOS Wat MC1

Men C1 B
Cap U MC16 - 2 Dynamos MC1
WOS Shaw MC11 - 2 Celtic MC1
OCS Silv MC14 - 2 ACF MC1

Men C2 A
OCS Blue MC22 - 1 CCA MC2
WOS Wht MC21 - 1 Hornets MC2
Utd Juv MC22 - 4 Impact MC2

Men C2 B
OISC Red MC26 - 0 Cobras MC2
O Eagles MC2PreOISC B MC2

Men C3
Jadran MC31 - 2 OSU MC3
Lusitania MC2 - 5 WOSC MC3

Men C4
Lynwood MC4PreW Eagles MC4
NDHQ MC4PreSt Stefan M4
Glengarry MC2 - 1 Gunners MC4

Men C5
Bears MC51 - 4 Cobras MC5
CCA MC54 - 4 Russell MC5

Men Premier
Hornets MP1 - 2 Clippers MP
St Anth MP4 - 0 Eagles MP
Hornets MPPreSt Anth MP
Hellenic MPPreCap U MP
ACF MP PreClippers MP

Men Rec 1
Royals MR1PreLynwood MR1
Hooligan MR1PreInter Milan
Red Magic MRPrePerth MR1
Kougars MR1PreFalcons MR1

Men Rec 2
Rockers MR25 - 0 Spitfires MR
Arnprior MR21 - 4 Rangers MR2
W Eagles MR20 - 3 Lighting MR2
Falcons MR26 - 1 OISC MR2

Men Rec 3
Celtic MR30 - 3 Spartans MR3
OISC MR3PreHornets MR3
Wolves MR31 - 0 Falcons MR3
Fitzroy H MR4 - 8 Eleven MR3
Raiders MR33 - 2 Ndundas MR3

Men Rec 4
Kougars MR43 - 3 N Leeds MR4
Almonte MR42 - 1 Royals MR4
Glens MR42 - 1 Cobras MR4
Falcons MR42 - 2 OISC MR4
Wolves MR43 - 3 Goalden MR4

Men Rec 5
Wolves MR51 - 1 Lynwood MR5
OSU MR57 - 2 Gladiators M
OISC MR51 - 4 W Eagles MR5
Brewers MR57 - 1 Bstall MR5
St A MR56 - 1 Blues MR5
Thistle MR50 - 8 Sporting MR5

Men Rec 6
Spitfires MR0 - 2 Arnprior MR6
Almonte MR60 - 2 Cap U MR6
Burners MR6PreBears MR6

Men OT Masters1
Chargers MOTPreFalcons 50 M
St Stefan MOPreSt A MOT1
Hornets MOT1PreMasters MTO1
Greyhounds MPreFusion MOT1
Hull MOT1PreUnited MOT1

Men OT Masters2
Wanderers MOPreHornets MOT2
Cosmos MOT2PreGators MOT2
OISC MOT2PrePanthers MOT
Jadran MOT2PreDynamo MOT2
Spurs MOT2PreRamblers MOT
Royals B MOTPreRoyals S MOT
Aylmer MOT2PreRangers MOT2

Men OT Masters3
United MOT3PreGolden Boys
Warriors MOTPreOSU MOT3
Almonte MOT3PreTrue Grit MO

Men OT2
Falcons A OT6 - 1 Chelsea OT2
ACF Wht OT2PreLynwood OT2
Falcons B OTPreAylmer LC OT
Cap U OT2PreWOS Jets OT2
Hellenic OT2PreSporting OT2
CCA OT2PreWolves OT2
Aylmer MU OTPreInter OT2
Falcons A OTPreCeltic OT2
Chelsea OT2PreSt Stefan OT
OISC Red OT2PreRockers OT2

Men OT3
AC F Viola OPreJadran OT3
Inter Milan PreGloucester S
AC F Mkango PreLACA OT3
OSU OT3PreS Lakers OT3
Chelsea OT3PreWolves OT3
Falcons OT3PreW Eagles OT3
Lynwood OT3PreBolides OT3
Aylmer OT3PrePerth OT3

Men OT4 A
Bears OT4PreWOS OT4
Bosnia OT4PreNCISL OT4
Russell OT4PreCitizens OT4
Greyhounds OPreSpitfire OT4

Men OT4 B
Bolides OT4PreSeals OT4
Kougars OT4PreRoyals S OT4
Peru OT4PreFitzroy OT4
Royals B OT4PreVoyageurs OT

Men OT5
SF OT5PreMexico OT5
Rockers OT5PreLynx OT5
Lusitania OTPreHellenic OT5
Leopards OT5PreStealth OT5
Fusion OT5PreBears OT5
OISC OT5PreWildcats OT5

Men OT6 A
Gators OT6PreKazatele OT6
O Eagles OT6PrePerth OT6
Alliance OT6PreNdundas OT6
Phoenix OT6PreLions OT6
Lusitania OTPreLACA OT6
W Eagles OT6PreKorean OT6

Men OT6 B
Bears OT6PreJaguars OT6
Fitzroy OT6PreGloucester F
Cougars OT6PreArnprior OT6
Spitfire OT6PreOcelots OT6
G Sting OT6PreFusion OT6
Shiraz OT6PreCP OT6

Women C1 A
OISC WC10 - 3 Rockers WC1
Rockland WC11 - 2 WOS Wht WC1
Gatineau WC12 - 4 Hotspurs WC1

Women C1 B
Impact WC14 - 2 Cobras WC1
St A WC10 - 1 Attack WC1

Women C2
Impact WC22 - 0 OISC WC2
Hotspurs WC22 - 1 CP WC2

Women C3 A
Rockers WC3PreFalcons WC3
OSU 99 WC3PreKougars WC3

Women C3 B
Prescott WC3PreOSU 01 WC3
CCA WC3PreRussell WC3
WOS P WC3 PreLusitania WC

Women C4
Green WC42 - 0 CCA WC4
Falcons WC40 - 4 Foulers WC4

Women Premier
OSU WP0 - 4 Hornets WP
WOSC WP1 - 3 Cobras WP
OISC WP1 - 2 Falcons WP
Clippers WP2 - 0 Cap U WP

Women Rec 1
Perth WR1PreWOS WR1
Russell WR1PreNDHQ WR1

Women Rec 2
Lynwood WR25 - 4 Talons WR2
Swat WR20 - 2 Falcons WR2
W Eagles WR24 - 3 Almonte WR2

Women Rec 3
OSU WR3PreN Leeds WR3
OISC WR3PreFusion WR3
Jadran WR3PreCobras WR3
Ndundas WR3PreWOS Red WR3
CP WR3PreHotspurs WR3
WOS Wht WR30 - 2 OISC In WR3

Women Rec 4
Jazz WR40 - 0 Villians WR4
OISC WR46 - 0 Almonte WR4
Bears WR40 - 3 OSU WR4
Citizens WR40 - 7 Hellenic WR4
Rangers WR40 - 0 Wild WR4
Flyers WR42 - 0 Panthers WR4


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