Game # 1564Men C2 A

Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
University of Ottawa - Matt Anthony @ 21:00

Alexander CHERNYKH


Ottawa United Juventus MC2




Ottawa Impact MC2

Shukri NOORE
Outstanding Fines:
Outstanding Fines:

801 King Edward Avenue

Please note that you are not permitted to wear metal cleats on the field. Drinking alcohol is prohibited at the field.

From the West:

- Take the 417 (Queensway) to the Nicholas, Lees Ave. exit.
- Take the Lees Avenue route (the one to the right) until you come to a STOP sign.
- Turn left and stay on this road until you come to a fairly major intersection. Greenfield, Mann, Lees and King Edward all come together here.
- Mann Ave. is to the right. Our building is through the lights on the right hand side. (801 King Edward)
- Turn right on Mann Ave. and left into the parking garage.

From the East:

- Take the 417 (Queensway) to the Nicholas, Mann exit.
- Stay to the right (Mann) exit
- At the first set of lights, turn left onto King Edward
- Stay on this road until you come to a fairly major intersection. Greenfield, Mann, Lees and King Edward all come together here.
- Mann Ave. is to the right. Our building is through the lights on the right hand side. (801 King Edward)
- Turn right on Mann Ave. and left into the parking garage.

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OISC WC1PreClippers WC1
Cobras WC1PreImpact WC1
Rockers WC1PreSt A WC1
WOS Red WC1PreRockland WC1
Hotspurs WC1PreAttack WC1
Gatineau WC1PreWOS Wht WC1

Men C1 A
OISC MC10 - 3 Falcons MC1
OSU BlackMC1PreSt A MC1
St Stefan M12 - 2 WOS Wat MC1

Men C1 B
Cap U MC12 - 0 Rockers MC1
Celtic MC1PreACF MC1
Dynamos MC10 - 4 WOS Shaw MC1

Men C2 A
Hornets MC2PreWOS Wht MC2
CCA MC22 - 7 OCS Blue MC2

Men C2 B
OISC B MC2PreO Eagles MC2
Cobras MC2PreOISC Red MC2

Men C3
Lusitania MCPreOSU MC3
Hellenic MC31 - 0 CCA MC3
WOSC MC3PreJadran MC3

Men C4
NDHQ MC4PreLynwood MC4
Glengarry MCPreW Eagles MC4
St Stefan M4PreGunners MC4

Men C5
Bears MC51 - 5 LACA MC5
CCA MC55 - 2 Cobras MC5
OISC MC52 - 2 Russell MC5

Men Premier
Hornets MPPreEagles MP
Hellenic MPPreClippers MP
Cap U MPPreCeltic MP

Men Rec 1
Royals MR1PreFalcons MR1
Hooligan MR1PreRed Magic MR
Lynwood MR1PreInter Milan
Perth MR1PreCP MR1

Men Rec 2
Rangers MR21 - 1 Lighting MR2
W Eagles MR22 - 2 Arnprior MR2
Spitfires MR2 - 2 OISC MR2
Falcons MR23 - 4 Rockers MR2

Men Rec 3
Hornets MR35 - 1 Eleven MR3
OISC MR3PreNdundas MR3
Falcons MR32 - 1 Celtic MR3
Fitzroy H MR2 - 2 Wolves MR3
Raiders MR35 - 3 Spartans MR3

Men Rec 4
Fitzroy H MRPreKougars MR4
OISC MR43 - 1 Cobras MR4
Falcons MR43 - 2 Goalden MR4
Wolves MR41 - 6 Almonte MR4
N Leeds MR44 - 0 Royals MR4

Men Rec 5
Sporting MR52 - 3 Blues MR5
OISC MR54 - 1 Thistle MR5
OSU MR52 - 3 Wolves MR5
Brewers MR53 - 4 W Eagles MR5
Bstall MR51 - 0 St A MR5

Men Rec 6
Burners MR60 - 2 Golden B MR6
Cap U MR60 - 4 Arnprior MR6

Ottawa Competitive Cup
Celtic MP PreOISC Red MC2
OISC MPPreCeltic MC1

Men OT Masters1
Hornets MOT1PreSt Stefan MO
St A MOT1PreHull MOT1
Falcons 50 MPreUnited MOT1
Masters MTO1PreFusion MOT1
Chargers MOTPreGreyhounds M

Men OT Masters2
Hornets MOT2PreRamblers MOT
Dynamo MOT2PreRoyals S MOT
Wanderers MOPreSpurs MOT2
Panthers MOTPreGators MOT2
Bears MOT2PreRangers MOT2

Men OT Masters3
United MOT3PreWarriors MOT
Almonte MOT3PreOSU MOT3
Golden Boys PreTrue Grit MO

Men OT2
ACF Wht OT22 - 1 Aylmer MU OT
CCA OT2PreSt Stefan OT
Cap U OT2PreWolves OT2
Falcons B OTPreRockers OT2
Lynwood OT2PreAylmer MU OT
ACF Wht OT2PreHellenic OT2
WOS Jets OT2PreCeltic OT2
Aylmer LC OTPreFalcons A OT
OISC Red OT2PreSporting OT2
Chelsea OT2PreInter OT2

Men OT3
Bolides OT3PreLACA OT3
S Lakers OT3PreWolves OT3
Falcons OT3PreAylmer OT3
OSU OT3PreChelsea OT3
W Eagles OT3PrePerth OT3
Lynwood OT3PreAC F Mkango
Inter Milan PreAC F Viola O
Gloucester SPreJadran OT3

Men OT4 A
Citizens OT4PreG Eagles OT4
Aylmer LC OTPreRussell OT4
NCISL OT4PreSpitfire OT4
WOS OT4PreBosnia OT4
Greyhounds OPreS Lakers OT4

Men OT4 B
Red Star OT4PreFitzroy OT4
LACA OT4PreSeals OT4
Royals B OT4PreBolides OT4
Voyageurs OTPreRoyals S OT4
Aylmer MU OTPrePeru OT4

Men OT5
Royals OT52 - 1 Prescott OT5
Leopards OT5PreLusitania OT
Prescott OT5PreBears OT5
Fusion OT5PreRoyals OT5
Stealth OT5PreHellenic OT5
Mexico OT5PreWildcats OT5
Lynx OT5PreSF OT5
OISC OT5PreRockers OT5

Men OT6 A
Phoenix OT6PreW Eagles OT6
Gators OT6PreAlliance OT6
Lusitania OTPreO Eagles OT6
Lions OT6PreNdundas OT6
Korean OT6PreLACA OT6
Perth OT6PreKazatele OT6

Men OT6 B
Ocelots OT6PreG Sting OT6
Gloucester FPreCougars OT6
Arnprior OT6PreBears OT6
Fusion OT6PreCP OT6
Fitzroy OT6PreJaguars OT6
Shiraz OT6PreSpitfire OT6

Women C1 B
Clippers WC11 - 3 St A WC1

Women C2
Hotspurs WC22 - 1 Royals WC2
CP WC22 - 0 Impact WC2

Women C3 A
Falcons WC30 - 1 OSU 99 WC3
Falcons WC3PreHotspurs WC3
Cobras WC3PreKougars WC3
Rockers WC3PreOSU 99 WC3

Women C3 B
Lusitania WCPreRussell WC3
WOS P WC3 PrePrescott WC3

Women C4
CCA WC40 - 2 Falcons WC4
Kougars WC4PreGreen WC4

Women Premier
Hornets WP3 - 2 OSU WP
Falcons WP2 - 0 OISC WP
Cap U WP2 - 4 Clippers WP

Women Rec 1
Perth WR1PreRoyals WR1
Russell WR1PreRedblacks WR

Women Rec 2
Falcons WR2PreOISC WR2
Swat WR24 - 0 W Eagles WR2
Almonte WR2PreLynwood WR2
WOS WR2PreTalons WR2

Women Rec 3
Hotspurs WR3PreFusion WR3
Jadran WR3PreNdundas WR3
N Leeds WR3PreCobras WR3

Women Rec 4
Almonte WR42 - 1 Rangers WR4
Hellenic WR40 - 0 Jazz WR4
Villians WR41 - 1 Bears WR4
Panthers WR40 - 1 OISC WR4
Wild WR44 - 0 Flyers WR4
OSU WR47 - 0 Citizens WR4


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