Game # 221Men Rec 4

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2018
South Gower Park 6 @ 18:30

Dang Tien NGUYEN


Kemptville Kougars MR4




Almonte MR4

Outstanding Fines:
Outstanding Fines:

The civic address of South Gower Park is 673 County Rd 22, Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0

From Ottawa

Travel South on Hwy 416 approximately 39.3km. Take the Kemptville exit. Turn left onto County Rd 43 (formerly Hwy 43) and go east (back over Hwy 416). Drive approximately 3.1 km to the flashing light at South Gower Dr. (aka County Rd 22). Turn right onto South Gower Dr. Continue approximately 900 m. The main entrance to the park is on your left.

From the West

Travel along County Rd. 43 to the 416 overpass. Drive approximately 3.1 km to the flashing light at South Gower Dr. (aka County Rd 22). Turn right onto South Gower Dr. Continue approximately 900 m. The main entrance to the park is on your left.

From the East

Travel along County Rd. 43 from Winchester to the flashing light at South Gower Dr. (aka County Rd 22). Turn left onto South Gower Dr. Continue approximately 900 m. The main entrance to the park is on your left.

Link to field map on KDSC website: 



Fields 2a, 2b, 2c, and 4 are best accessible via the back parking lot (first entrance off of South Gower Drive where the baseball diamonds are).

Fields 3a, 3b, and 5 are best accessible via the main parking lot (second entrance off of South Gower Drive, after the baseball diamonds).


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Clippers WC1PreGatineau WC1
Rockland WC1PreWOS Red WC1

Men C1 A
St A MC13 - 1 WOS Wat MC1
Falcons MC1PreOCS Blue MC1
Impact MC1PreOISC MC1
OSU BlackMC1PreSt Stefan M1

Men C1 B
Rockers MC1PreACF MC1
WOS Shaw MC1PreOCS Silv MC1

Men C2 A
Impact MC24 - 5 Utd Juv MC2
Utd Juv MC2PreOCS Blue MC2
WOS Wht MC2PreImpact MC2
St A MC2defCCA MC2

Men C2 B
OISC B MC2PreCobras MC2

Men C3
Lusitania MC0 - 4 WOSC MC3
Jadran MC33 - 0 OSU MC3

Men C4
Lynwood MC4PreNDHQ MC4
Gunners MC4PreSt Stefan M4

Men C5
Bears MC53 - 2 OISC MC5
Russell MC50 - 4 Cobras MC5

Men Premier
Celtic MP PreOISC MP
St Anth MPPreHellenic MP
Eagles MPPreCap U MP

Men Rec 1
Inter Milan PreRoyals MR1
Lynwood MR1PreCP MR1
Hooligan MR1PreFalcons MR1
Kougars MR1PrePerth MR1

Men Rec 2
Arnprior MR26 - 3 Falcons MR2
Rockers MR24 - 2 OISC MR2
W Eagles MR2PreRangers MR2
Lighting MR23 - 1 Spitfires MR
Lighting MR2PreRockers MR2

Men Rec 3
Celtic MR31 - 3 Eleven MR3
Celtic MR3PreHornets MR3
Eleven MR3PreRaiders MR3
OISC MR3PreFalcons MR3
Wolves MR3PreNdundas MR3
Fitzroy H MRPreSpartans MR3

Men Rec 4
Almonte MR4PreGoalden MR4
Glens MR43 - 3 Wolves MR4
Cobras MR4PreKougars MR4
Falcons MR45 - 2 Royals MR4

Men Rec 5
Wolves MR52 - 1 W Eagles MR5
Blues MR51 - 3 OSU MR5
OISC MR50 - 2 Sporting MR5
St A MR52 - 3 Brewers MR5
Thistle MR52 - 1 Gladiators M
Bstall MR52 - 1 Lynwood MR5

Men Rec 6
Almonte MR6PreSpitfires MR
Burners MR6PreCap U MR6
Golden B MR6PreArnprior MR6

Ottawa Recreational Cup
Royals MR1PreArnprior MR2

Men OT Masters1
St Stefan MOPreFalcons 50 M
Masters MTO1PreSt A MOT1
Hornets MOT1PreChargers MOT
Hull MOT1PreGreyhounds M
United MOT1PreFusion MOT1

Men OT Masters2
Cosmos MOT2PreRoyals S MOT
Royals B MOTPreRamblers MOT
Wanderers MOPreBears MOT2
LACA MOT2PrePanthers MOT
Jadran MOT2PreHornets MOT2
Spurs MOT2PreRangers MOT2
Aylmer MOT2PreGators MOT2

Men OT Masters3
United MOT3PreWarriors MOT
True Grit MOPreGolden Boys
OSU MOT3PreAlmonte MOT3

Men OT2
Rockers OT2 PreWolves OT2
Cap U OT2PreAylmer MU OT
CCA OT2PreSporting OT2
Hellenic OT2PreFalcons A OT
Lynwood OT2PreWOS Jets OT2
ACF Wht OT2PreChelsea OT2
Aylmer LC OTPreSt Stefan OT
Inter OT2PreCeltic OT2
OISC Red OT2PreFalcons B OT

Men OT3
AC F Mkango 2 - 1 OSU OT3
Bolides OT3PreS Lakers OT3
Jadran OT3PreLACA OT3
Falcons OT3PreOSU OT3
W Eagles OT3PreGloucester S
Inter Milan PreLynwood OT3
AC F Mkango PreChelsea OT3
Perth OT3PreWolves OT3
Aylmer OT3PreAC F Viola O

Men OT4
Spitfire OT4PreSeals OT4
Bolides OT4PreBears OT4
Royals S OT4PreRussell OT4
G Eagles OT4PreLACA OT4
Aylmer LC OTPrePeru OT4
Red Star OT4PreNCISL OT4
Bosnia OT4PreFitzroy OT4
S Lakers OT4PreKougars OT4
Royals B OT4PreCitizens OT4
WOS OT4PreAylmer MU OT

Men OT5
Hellenic OT5PreWildcats OT5
Rockers OT5PreLusitania OT
Bears OT5PreLynx OT5
Prescott OT5PreStealth OT5
Fusion OT5PreLeopards OT5
Mexico OT5PreRoyals OT5

Men OT6
G Sting OT6PreAlliance OT6
Gators OT6PreOcelots OT6
Kazatele OT6PreFitzroy OT6
LACA OT6PreCougars OT6
Fusion OT6PrePhoenix OT6
Jaguars OT6PrePerth OT6
Gloucester FPreNdundas OT6
Arnprior OT6PreO Eagles OT6
Spitfire OT6PreLions OT6
Shiraz OT6PreKorean OT6
CP OT6PreW Eagles OT6

Ottawa OT Cup
Cap U OT2PreFalcons B OT

Women C1
Rockers WC1PreGatineau WC1
St A WC1PreAttack WC1

Women C2
Royals WC22 - 3 Hotspurs WC2
Impact WC24 - 1 CP WC2

Women C3
Rockers WC3PreCobras WC3
Kougars WC3PreOSU 01 WC3
Lusitania WCPreHotspurs WC3
Prescott WC3PreRussell WC3
CCA WC3PreFalcons WC3

Women C4
Kougars WC4PreFoulers WC4
Green WC4PreFalcons WC4

Women Premier
Clippers WP2 - 0 WOSC WP
Cobras WP3 - 2 Falcons WP

Women Rec 1
NDHQ WR1PreRedblacks WR
WOS WR1PreRussell WR1
Royals WR1PreCode Red WR1

Women Rec 2
Swat WR2PreWOS WR2
Falcons WR2PreAlmonte WR2
W Eagles WR2PreTalons WR2
OISC WR2PreLynwood WR2

Women Rec 3
OSU WR3PreCobras WR3
Jadran WR3PreOISC In WR3
Ndundas WR3PreHotspurs WR3
CP WR3PreN Leeds WR3
WOS Wht WR3PreFusion WR3

Women Rec 4
Villians WR44 - 2 Flyers WR4
Almonte WR4PreJazz WR4
Hellenic WR4PreRangers WR4
Panthers WR43 - 1 Citizens WR4
Wild WR44 - 4 Bears WR4


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