Game # 2980Men OT Masters3

Friday, Jul 21, 2017
Gemmill Park @ 18:30

Policap LOUIS


Almonte Ad Astra MOT3




OCSC Royals MOT3

Outstanding Fines:
Outstanding Fines:

From Ottawa: Take Hwy 417 West to the March Road/County Road 49 (old Hwy 44). Turn left on County road 49 and proceed to Almonte. Turn left at the lights at Martin Street but stay to your right after turning. You will now be on Queen Street. Proceed on Queen Street until you see the Arena on the right hand side. The Gemmill Field is beside the arena parking lot.
From the South: Take County road 29 (old Hwy 15) and turn Right at Perth Street. Turn Left on Bridge Street. The arena is on your Left and the field is beside the arena parking lot.

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Men C1
Stefan MC10 - 0 Hornets MC1
WOSC MC12 - 4 Cap U MC1

Men C2
Royals MC23 - 4 Impact MC2

Men C3
LACA MC36 - 3 Titans MC3
Impact MC32 - 2 OISC MC3
OISC MC3PreSunset MC3

Men Premier
Hellenic MP1 - 9 OISC MP
Gatineau MPPreHellenic MP
Cap U MP0 - 4 Celtic MP

Men OT Masters1
St A MOT1PreRelics MOT1
Perth MOT1PreChargers MOT

Men OT Masters3
Aylmer MOT3PreHotspurs TG

Men OT1
Celtic OT1PreEagles OT1

Men OT4
ACF MkangoPreRoyals OT4

Men OT5
Leopards OT54 - 6 Bears OT5

Men OT6
Gunners OT6PreFH Utd OT6

Women C3
Lusitaniawc30 - 3 OISC WC3
Falcons WC31 - 1 Rockers WC3


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