Game # 3237Men OT Masters3

Friday, Aug 18, 2017
Gemmill Park @ 18:30

Policap LOUIS


Almonte Ad Astra MOT3




Aylmer Jubilaires MOT3

Jeff Stellick (Team Official)
Outstanding Fines:
Outstanding Fines:

From Ottawa: Take Hwy 417 West to the March Road/County Road 49 (old Hwy 44). Turn left on County road 49 and proceed to Almonte. Turn left at the lights at Martin Street but stay to your right after turning. You will now be on Queen Street. Proceed on Queen Street until you see the Arena on the right hand side. The Gemmill Field is beside the arena parking lot.
From the South: Take County road 29 (old Hwy 15) and turn Right at Perth Street. Turn Left on Bridge Street. The arena is on your Left and the field is beside the arena parking lot.

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Men C1
Cap U MC13 - 5 Stefan MC1
Hornets MC10 - 1 OISC MC1
Royals B MC11 - 0 Force MC1
WOSC MC14 - 0 Rockers MC1
Dynamos MC12 - 5 Royals S MC1

Men C2
Hornets MC21 - 1 Impact MC2
Celtic MC20 - 0 Hornets MC2
OISC MC26 - 2 Cobras MC2
CCA MC2PreFalcons MC2

Men C3
LACA MC35 - 3 Royals MC3
Impact MC37 - 1 Sunset MC3
Ott Utd Juv 2 - 3 OISC MC3
Sunset MC30 - 12 Royals MC3
Ott Utd Juv PreLACA MC3
Titans MC31 - 2 Impact MC3

Men C4
Internat MC41 - 5 CCA MC4
Stefan MC44 - 1 Lynwood MC4
Gunners MC4defSt A MC4
Jadran MC43 - 0 Hellenic MC4

Men C5
Sporting MC53 - 1 Bears MC5
Russell MC53 - 1 WEagles MC5
OSU MC52 - 2 Glengarry
WEagles MC52 - 2 Glengarry

Men Premier
ACF MP 1 - 3 Eagles MP
Celtic MP PreHellenic MP
Eagles MP PreSt A MP

Men Rec 1
Celtic MR11 - 4 Royals MR1
Inter Milan 1 - 0 Royals MR1
Cent MR1PreRed MR1
Rocs MR1PreKougars MR1
Ranger MR1PreHooligans

Men Rec 2
Spartans MR22 - 4 Spitfires MR
Spurs MR38 - 0 Manic MR2
Santos MR21 - 4 CP MR2
OISC RD MR20 - 10 Rockers MR2

Men Rec 3
Raiders MR32 - 4 Eleven FC MR
Royals MR3PreWeagles MR3
Hornets MR30 - 0 Celtic MR3
Wolves MR3PreND MR3
Lightning R3PreBoro MR3

Men Rec 4
OISC MR41 - 1 Sunset MR4
Fitzroy MR4defBears MR4
Kougars MR57 - 1 ACF MR4
Glens MR4PreRockland MR4
Falcons MR43 - 3 CP MR5
Wolves MR46 - 2 Cobras MR4

Men Rec 5
Hornets MR53 - 1 Blues MR5
OSIC MR51 - 13 Bstallionmr5
Wolves MR58 - 0 Capicools MR
Peru MR56 - 0 CP Brewers
Thistle MR51 - 4 WOSC MR5
Cent MR52 - 1 Goalden MR5
WOSC MR5PreCP Brewers

Men Rec 6
Burners MR67 - 5 Assassin MR6
Bears MR6PreSpitfires R6
Almonte MR63 - 0 Cap U MR6
Fitzroy MR57 - 0 Golden MR6
Strikers MR64 - 9 CCA MR6

Men OT Masters1
Chargers MOT6 - 0 Weagles MOT1
Perth MOT1PreRoyals MOT1
Chargers MOTPreWOSC G MOT1
Hull MOT1PreRelics MOT1
OISC MOT1PreWeagles MOT1
Falcons 50PreSt A MOT1
St Stefan MOPrePanthers MOT

Men OT Masters2
Ramblers MOTPreJadran MOT2
Hull MOT2PreSpurs MOT2
Bears MOT2PreFH Wan MOT2

Men OT Masters3
Almonte MTO3PreAylmer MOT3
Hornets MOT3PreWOSC MOT3
Hotspurs TG PreUnited MOT3

Men OT1
Celtic OT1PreOISC OT1
Eagles OT1PreInter OT1

Men OT2
Bosnia OT26 - 1 LSCU OT2
Bosnia OT2PreStefan OT2
Cent OT2PreFalcons OT2
Stefan OT2PreLSCU OT2
Celtic OT2PreWOSC G OT2
Hellenic OT2PreBosnia OT2
Rockers OT2PreVitosha
Aylmer OT2PreWOSC Jet OT2
Cap U OT2PreAylmer OT2
OISC OT2PreLions OT2

Men OT3
Weagles OT3PreCCA OT3
Hustlers FC PreGlouc SC OT3
Lynx OT3PreSaints OT3
OSU OT3PreInter OT3
Wolves OT3PreBolides OT3

Men OT4
Peru OT41 - 5 Fitzroy OT4
LACA OT4PreKougars OT4
Sunset OT4PreACF White
Fitzroy OT4PreEagles OT4
ACF MkangoPrePeru OT4
G Eagles OT4PreAylmer V OT4
WOSC G OT4PreRoyals OT4
Citizens OT4PreRaider OT4
Aylmer R OT4PreRed Star OT4

Men OT5
Royals B OT5PreFusion OT5
Almonte LynxPreSeals OT5
Bears OT5PreMexico OT5
Bolides OT5PreRoyals S OT5
Aylmer OT5PreOISC OT5
Glens OT5PreAlmonte OT5

Men OT6
Lusitaniaot6PreCobras OT6
W Eagles OT6PreFusion OT6
Stealth OT6PreRockers OT6
Arnprior OT6PreLions OT6
Kazatele OT6PreFH Utd OT6
Ursa OT6PreKorea OT6
Gunners OT6PreSpitfiresot6

Men OT7
LACA OT71 - 10 SF OT7
OISC S OT7PreCougars OT7
Ocelots OT7PreWOSC J OT7
Lusitania A PreHotspurs OT7
OISC D OT7PreEagles OT7
OISC J OT7PrePerth OT7
CP Ranger OTPreOSU OT7

Women C1
Clippers WC1defImpact WC1
Attack WC12 - 2 White WC1
Impact WC13 - 3 Hotspurs WC1
Rockers WC10 - 1 OISC WC1
Cobras WC10 - 3 Attack WC1
Impact WC1PreOISC WC1

Women C2
OISC WC20 - 1 Royals WC2
Cap U WC21 - 3 WOSC WC2
Kougars WC21 - 5 Royals WC2
Rockland WC27 - 2 United WC2
OISC WC24 - 3 Impact WC2
Hotspurs WC21 - 0 Force WC2
Kougars WC2PreWOSC WC2
Hotspurs WC2PreUnited WC2

Women C3
Lusitaniawc30 - 2 Royals WC3
OISC WC3PreHornets WC3
Gunners WC3PreShooter WC3
Cobras WC3PreFalcons WC3
Force WC3PreRockers WC3

Women C4
Falcons WC4defKougars WC4
Green WC4PreRaiders WC4
Power WC42 - 0 OISC WC4
Falcons WC46 - 3 Kougars WC4

Women C5
CCA WC52 - 1 NDHQ Elite
Redb WC5PreRaiders WC5

Women Premier
Royals WPdefClippers WP
Hornets WP7 - 0 OISC WP
Force WP1 - 5 Falcons WP

Women Rec 1
Hydras WR11 - 4 Code Red WR1
WOSC WR1PreCobras WR1

Women Rec 2
WOSC WR23 - 1 GoaldigWR2
Storm WR22 - 7 Swat WR2
GoaldigWR20 - 2 WOSC WR2
WC Talons WR5 - 2 Almonte WR2

Women Rec 3
Falcons WR3PreUntamed WR3
Fusion WR3PreCobras WR3
Hotspurs WR3PreND WR3
CP WR3PreJadran WR3

Women Rec 4
Bears WR42 - 1 Jazz WR4
Code W WR44 - 2 Wild WR4
Citizens WR41 - 5 Hellenic WR4
NL WR42 - 3 OSU WR5
Flyers WR42 - 2 Villians WR4
Panthers WR45 - 0 Westenders


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