Men Premier

1Gloucester Celtic MP161600106139348
2OISC MP16111464224234
3St Anthony MP16101553431031
4Ottawa Eagles MP169164347-428
5AC Fiorentina MP165472942-1319
6Capital United MP165384039118
7Ottawa Hellenic MP165293553-1817
8OSU Force MP1624102457-337
9Gatineau MP 16101526104-780

* The following teams have points deducted:
OSU Force MP - 3
Gatineau MP - 3

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Joey KewinGloucester Celtic MP23
2Jonathan DAVIDOISC MP18
3Justin MAHEUSt Anthony MP16
4Shamir LUBENGASt Anthony MP16
5Andrew BryanGloucester Celtic MP14
6Bezick Evraire-chanceGloucester Celtic MP14
7Samuel ROBERTOttawa Hellenic MP14
8Robert MurphyGloucester Celtic MP13
9Olivier RIEUTORDOttawa Eagles MP12
10Abdulrahman AKINWANDE OSU Force MP10

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Matthew GagnonGloucester Celtic MP10
3Alexander PEGARKOVSt Anthony MP2
4Name WithheldAC Fiorentina MP2
5Kristopher HOLFORD-WALKEROttawa Eagles MP2
6Thomas HATCHCapital United MP2
7Callum AYREOttawa Hellenic MP1
8C├ędrik SIGOUIN CAMPEAUGatineau MP 1
9Francesco Leuzzi AC Fiorentina MP1
10Gabriel Rheault St Anthony MP1
11Kristain Quosdorf Capital United MP1
12Kyle Potter Gloucester Celtic MP1

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