Men Rec 5

1Lynwood Centennials MR514103142192333
2Falcons Goalden Boys MR51492346222429
3Sporting Peru MR51483344281627
4Westboro Wolves MR51482446202626
5OSU Hornets MR51382331191226
6Ottawa Bears Black Stallions MR51484251173425
7West Ottawa MR5147073738-121
8Ottawa Blues MR5144372734-715
9Lynwood Capicools MR5143293050-2011
10Falcons Thistle United MR51431102443-1910
11OISC MR51420122185-646
12Carleton Place Brewers MR51312102448-245

* The following teams have points deducted:
Ottawa Bears Black Stallions MR5 - 3

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Luis Enrique CASTILLO MONGESporting Peru MR519
2Edin PLANCICWestboro Wolves MR517
3RYAN KNELSENFalcons Goalden Boys MR517
4Benoit FORGETLynwood Centennials MR514
5Spencer MORELANDWest Ottawa MR514
6Brice DAGROULynwood Capicools MR511
7Gregory CAMPBELLOttawa Bears Black Stallions MR511
8Liam SMITHIESCarleton Place Brewers MR510
9Michael ROSSITEROSU Hornets MR510
10Henry Javier BARONA AMAYASporting Peru MR59

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Alexandre BERNARDLynwood Centennials MR53
2James ZIETAKWestboro Wolves MR53
3Mat MORASHOttawa Bears Black Stallions MR53
4Keith MARTINOttawa Blues MR52
5Abel Rojas Sporting Peru MR51
6Daryl KNIGHTOSU Hornets MR51
7Hugo SEGUINLynwood Centennials MR51
8Jeffrey VANDERMEULENWestboro Wolves MR51
9Jogger Mauricio HERCULESSporting Peru MR51
10Kyle DAVENPORTFalcons Thistle United MR51
11Mark JOHNSONOSU Hornets MR51
12Mark KROCKOWest Ottawa MR51
13Patrick CHAMNEYLynwood Capicools MR51
14Samer DIABOSU Hornets MR51
15Simon BERNICKYOttawa Blues MR51
16STEPHANE LECLERCFalcons Goalden Boys MR51
17Steve Rosettani Falcons Goalden Boys MR51

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