Men Rec 6

1Fitzroy Harbour MR614111263144934
2Almonte MR61410316195233
3Lynwood Golden Boots MR614101357312631
4Ottawa Bears MR6149143325828
5Capital United MR6147252220223
6Burners MR6146353228421
7Arnprior United MR6145273334-117
8CCA MR6143563953-1414
9Spitfires MR6143382141-2012
10Smith Falls Strikers MR61411122085-654
11Almonte Assassins MR6 1402121960-412

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Frederick DOMINGOCCA MR620
2Shawn TurcotteLynwood Golden Boots MR618
3Matthew LABUSCHAGNEFitzroy Harbour MR615
4Olivier GagnonLynwood Golden Boots MR614
5Tristen HULLAlmonte MR612
6Andrew MCKENNEYSmith Falls Strikers MR610
7Cameron RUSSELLAlmonte MR610
8Michael OSBORNBurners MR69
9Evan HAMILTONFitzroy Harbour MR68
10Jake SZABOFitzroy Harbour MR68

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Dakota DUMONTAlmonte MR68
2Colin CALVERTOttawa Bears MR65
3Allan MILLERWOODFitzroy Harbour MR64
4Aaron MccluskeyLynwood Golden Boots MR62
5John KaldisSpitfires MR62
6Marshall JESKECapital United MR62
7Thomas KIRKBurners MR62
8Aaron SULLIVANFitzroy Harbour MR61
9Braydon MCENROEArnprior United MR61
10Gordon KIRKBurners MR61
11Michael OSBORNBurners MR61
12Timothy BOONECCA MR61

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