Women C4

1Russell Raiders WC415132065135241
2West Ottawa Power WC415121239172237
3OISC Whitecaps WC4156183129219
4Falcons WC4156184041-119
5Kemptville Kougars WC41530122349-269
6Gloucester Green WC41521121564-497

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1Hilary COOPERRussell Raiders WC415
2Elsa HERGELRussell Raiders WC413
3Sarah STUART-LAFLEURFalcons WC412
4Lisa RICHARDSONRussell Raiders WC411
5Caitlin TANGFalcons WC410
6Cassie RENDERKemptville Kougars WC48
7Catherine GallagherGloucester Green WC48
8Kelsey WHITEWest Ottawa Power WC48
9Devon POWERWest Ottawa Power WC47
10Kelsey WertOISC Whitecaps WC47

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jenna EADYWest Ottawa Power WC44
2Megan KLIMASRussell Raiders WC43
3Courtney WILSONWest Ottawa Power WC42
4Caitlin JOHNSTONRussell Raiders WC41
5Courtney Wilson West Ottawa Power WC41
6Holly Stardom (Call Up) OISC Whitecaps WC41
7Jodi FergusonKemptville Kougars WC41
8Kelsey WertOISC Whitecaps WC41
9Laura CreppinGloucester Green WC41
10Nicole Hahn West Ottawa Power WC41
11Tess HERGELRussell Raiders WC41

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