Women Rec 3

1Falcons WR314130163214239
2North Dundas WR3148335951827
3Nepean Hotspurs WR31473447301724
4Cumberland Cobras WR3146263636020
5Ottawa Fusion WR3145364654-818
6Carleton Place Shooters WR3144373023715
7Croatian Jadran WR31431101748-3110
8OISC Untamed WR31421111651-357

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Katy PETERSONNepean Hotspurs WR318
2Sarah OGILVIEFalcons WR314
3Jenna BALDREEOttawa Fusion WR313
4Tessa TUCKERNepean Hotspurs WR313
5Tasha HUISMANNorth Dundas WR312
6Angela GARNEAUFalcons WR311
7Kaitlyn THURLERNorth Dundas WR310
8Kathleen FULLEROttawa Fusion WR310
9Jenna MACDONALDFalcons WR38
10Janessa BYERSNorth Dundas WR37

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jennifer WARENorth Dundas WR33
2Ashley GAULTCarleton Place Shooters WR32
3Kelly KEYESFalcons WR32
4Kimberly LEROUX-SIMPSONNepean Hotspurs WR32
5Alana BLACKIEOttawa Fusion WR31
6Alex MARCHIOISC Untamed WR31
7Alison DE LINDENFalcons WR31
8Allison PROKOPIAKCarleton Place Shooters WR31
9Carolin SMITHFalcons WR31
10Diana Lau Carleton Place Shooters WR31
11Emily MACDUFFCroatian Jadran WR31
12Janet TOVELLFalcons WR31
13Krista CHARLANDOttawa Fusion WR31
14Martine LEWISNepean Hotspurs WR31

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