Men C5

1Glengarry Highlanders MC514104047163134
2White Eagles MC51482441221926
3Lynwood Talons MC51474343291425
4Lynwood Sporting IRL MC5146263329420
5Russell Raiders MC5143382140-1912
6OSU MC5142572237-1511
7Ottawa Bears MC51422102054-348

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Bosko VUKOVICGlengarry Highlanders MC519
2Morille NJAULynwood Talons MC516
3Dalton SCAMMELLLynwood Sporting IRL MC512
4Alexander BLADESWhite Eagles MC510
5Cody HERMANNLynwood Talons MC59
6Diego TEJADAWhite Eagles MC58
7Stephan ENARUNAWhite Eagles MC58
8Ryan MARTELLOLynwood Sporting IRL MC57
9Michael GallivanOSU MC56
10Charles DOUGLASRussell Raiders MC55

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jose BARRERA AMAYAWhite Eagles MC53
2David VANBRUINESSENRussell Raiders MC51
3Doug FAUTEUXLynwood Sporting IRL MC51
4Edward BUSSLynwood Talons MC51
5Matteo PELLEGRINO Lynwood Sporting IRL MC51
6Matthew STONESGlengarry Highlanders MC51
7Nicholas WENGERGlengarry Highlanders MC51

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