Men Rec 2

1Carleton Place MR214112142132935
2Rockers United MR21481553262725
3Falcons Santos MR2148153326725
4OISC Red Devils MR2148063640-424
5Arnprior Spurs MR2145273630617
6Lynwood Spartans MR2144283342-914
7Spitfires MR2144192443-1913
8OISC Manic MR2142391451-379

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Byron KAZDACarleton Place MR219
2Kevon MCBEANRockers United MR216
3Andrew LATTYRockers United MR212
4Dave TATEArnprior Spurs MR212
5Ervis DANAJLynwood Spartans MR211
6George GRANTRockers United MR210
7Jermaine CHEVANNESRockers United MR210
8Brett HARPERFalcons Santos MR29
9Corey HERRINGTONLynwood Spartans MR29
10Cale ENGLANDCarleton Place MR27

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Joel TAYLORCarleton Place MR26
2Daniel Gory OISC Red Devils MR22
3Jonathan BOSSOISC Manic MR22
4Ahmad ZEKRYCarleton Place MR21
5Aras TAHIRRockers United MR21
6Brandon WOERTINKArnprior Spurs MR21
7Edward BUSSSpitfires MR21
8Mark VANDERMEULENFalcons Santos MR21
9Richard GREENOISC Red Devils MR21

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