Men Rec 3

1White Eagles MR314120234161836
2Lynwood Lightning MR31411215555035
3North Dundas MR314103138142433
4Lynwood Raiders MR3148243531426
5Lynwood Eleven FC MR3 1471637251222
6Gloucester Celtic MR3145361923-418
7Lynwood Wolves MR3144193646-1013
8Falcons Boro MR31431102145-2410
9Gloucester Hornets MR3142392735-89
10OCSC Royals MR3140014365-620

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Suna KIRULUTALynwood Lightning MR315
3Jean-Rodrigue YOBOUALynwood Eleven FC MR3 12
4Alex BAINLynwood Wolves MR310
5Mark WOJDANWhite Eagles MR39
6Tom THEILERLynwood Lightning MR39
7David MATHERSNorth Dundas MR38
8Dylan ROBERTSNorth Dundas MR38
9Marc EMMERSONLynwood Wolves MR38
10Charles JANVIERLynwood Raiders MR37

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Alessandro FERRANTELynwood Lightning MR35
2Robin MAYLynwood Lightning MR35
3David HOLDING-PARSONSGloucester Hornets MR34
4Vince GOULETNorth Dundas MR34
5Claudio WENSELWhite Eagles MR33
6Chris SEMPLELynwood Eleven FC MR3 2
7Laurent CREVIEAUXGloucester Celtic MR32
8Aldo Montemurro Lynwood Wolves MR31
9Brian ELLIOTGloucester Celtic MR31
10Bruno PALTRINIERILynwood Eleven FC MR3 1
11Chuck DE GUZMANWhite Eagles MR31
12David WILLIAMSGloucester Celtic MR31
13Enrique VALENZUELALynwood Lightning MR31
14MATTHEW PAYNELynwood Raiders MR31
15ROBERT COOKLynwood Raiders MR31
16Sami KHUDAIRFalcons Boro MR31
17Sean LANGLEYFalcons Boro MR31
18Vincent GUINDIWhite Eagles MR31
19Yusef RASHIDLynwood Wolves MR31

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