Men Rec 4

1Falcons Glens MR414130152133939
2Fitzroy Harbour Dubc MR414102248252332
3Rockland Knights MR414101332141831
4Kemptville Kougars MR4147163228422
5Westboro Wolves MR41470750351521
6Sunset Lakers MR4146173230219
7Carleton Place Awesome Rangers MR4145364040018
8Falcons MR4145273242-1017
9Cumberland Cobras MR4144373747-1015
10OISC MR4143292235-1311
11AC Fiorentina MR41431102959-3010
12Ottawa Bears MR41430111957-389

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1Liam JONESFalcons Glens MR423
2Robert MELVINCarleton Place Awesome Rangers MR422
3Paye DENIACumberland Cobras MR415
4Brett HARPERFalcons MR414
5Thomas EHRETRockland Knights MR412
6Benjamin KASSISFalcons Glens MR411
7Ryan SCHULZWestboro Wolves MR411
8Bruke RUSSOMFitzroy Harbour Dubc MR410
9Connor JAMIESONFitzroy Harbour Dubc MR49
10Cory VAN DER MEERCarleton Place Awesome Rangers MR49

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Alexander CALVANO Falcons Glens MR45
2Michel BEDARDRockland Knights MR44
3Allan GRAYFitzroy Harbour Dubc MR43
4Scott BAKERSunset Lakers MR43
5Matt BELLEFalcons MR42
6Amedeo MELONEWestboro Wolves MR41
7Cody HEYDCarleton Place Awesome Rangers MR41
8Evan MILLERKemptville Kougars MR41
9Trevor BOWIEOttawa Bears MR41

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