The Ottawa Cup is our league tournament modeled after the FA Cup. It is a Cup where an underdog lower WC team could beat a WP team and the winner has bragging rights for a year, that they are the best Women's Competitive team in the EODSA. 

The cost will be $200 per team. The games will have a full referee team (center and 2 ARs). You will be given a deadline to play your game and I will default schedule it on a Sunday. But you can work with your opponents to move the game up in the week and play it when it works for you. Your opponents will be randomly drawn, with the games being single elimination. The final will be played Late August (date TBD) with all the finals happening at the same field. 

The schedule of the rounds is as follows: 


Due Date

Round of 16 (if needed)

June 25th 

Quarter Finals

July 16th 

Semi Finals

July 30th 


Late August 



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