Q. How do I get an ID Card? 
You must obtain an ID card from the EODSA. 

Starting March 1st the EODSA will no longer accept people coming into the office to get a card created.  All Cards will have to be created online.  You will still be able to pick-up your ID Card in the office once it has been created online.


Q. Can I play without my ID card if I present an alternative ID to the game official.
A. No. It is an Ontario Soccer Association rule that you must have your Soccer ID available for card checking. The referee does not have the authority to waive that rule. If a player plays without showing the ID Card there could be a 2 game suspension as well as the game being overturned. No ID Card = No Play 

Q. What is the correct form of soccer ID?
A. For teams from the Eastern Ontario District its the EODSA ID Card
For teams from Other Ontario Districts they still use the old players books
For teams from Quebec they are in transition and some may have hard cards similar to the EODSA Card and some might have the old soft cards.

Q. Who is supposed to check the ID cards?
A. A game official (referee or an AR) is supposed to check the ID Cards against the game sheet. If they do not it is important to let the league know.

Q. Who is supposed to check the roster?
A. Printed game sheets will only have player showing that are officially registered to that team. Any handwritten names will automatically be verified by Office staff. There should be play up permits or TRPs with handwritten names.
If there are still concerns with the opposing teams roster it should be reported immediately to the game official who should document it on the gamesheet.

Q. What if the players don't have their ID Card at the start of the game?

A. If a player can go and get their card and have it in time to show the game official at half time that is acceptable. However, if a player plays and does not provide the card to the official by the end of half time they will be considered ineligible and consequences will apply

Q. Who is supposed cross off players who do not show up?
A. The coach/manager is supposed to cross absent players off. If they appear on the game sheet they are considered to have played.

For more information about ID Cards check out this fact sheet, the discipline policy or our rules and regulations. 
ID Card Fact Sheet 
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