Q. I just moved to Ottawa. How do I go about joining a team?                               
A. There are a couple of methods. First you should take a look at the forum for teams looking for players and if you do not have any success there you can certainly send an e-mail into the OCSL requesting to have a post placed on the players looking for a team.

As well, contacting clubs (listed on our links page) is another method.

Q. I would like to have one of my games rescheduled. How do I go about doing that?
A. Please refer to the rescheduling procedures posted under published rules

Q. My score isn’t posted. What is wrong? 
A, There is likely nothing wrong. Both teams are expected to report the game scores. If there is a difference in the reported score the OCSL must wait for the official record to be submitted by the game official. On some occasions it is due to pending discipline which can affect the outcome of a game.

Q. My score is posted wrong or is appearing on my game but not in the standings.
A. Please send an e-mail into the OCSL office (admin@ocslonline.ca) as this could be the result of a number of things and we will verify the error and correct it.

Q. If a player is supposed to serve a suspension what should appear on the game sheet
A. As the coach/manager/team representative you need to make sure the player is listed on the game sheet with suspended next to their name. This should automatically appear at the bottom of the printed game sheets

Q. If a player is supposed to serve a suspension and the game does not get played, does the player still have to serve a suspension, or does it count?
A. Yes. The player still has to serve the suspension and will serve it when the game gets rescheduled. If the game is not to be rescheduled please contact the Discipline Administrator for further information.

Q. I received a card (red or yellow) in a game that was abandoned and not completed. Does my card still stand?
A. Yes. Once a game official has issued a caution or dismissal it stands irregardless if the game is completed or not. 
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