Regional Rules 2017 

You can download a copy of the Rules and Regulations here 

Summary of Rule Changes: 

1) Team Applications are due 1 week prior to the OSA Deadline. Team Withdrawals: 

a) March 1 to March 31 - Team entry fee

b) April 1 to April 30th - Team entry fees plus fine of $500.00 

c) After May 1 - Team entry fees plus fine of $1000.00 

2) Teams may call up a maximum of 4 players for a game. Players may play up to a regional team unlimited times in a season. 

3) Play Ups can be completed online through the OCSL website or on the paper form and submitted to the Match Official prior to the start of the game. 

4) Games that are canceled or abandoned for reasons of weather, fields or match officials will be rescheduled by the league. The teams will be given 2 dates that are within 2 weeks of the original game. Teams will have 72 hours to select their preferred date. 

5) Each team is permitted to reschedule 2 games in a season. The request must be made at least 10 days in advance of the game. Agreement of the new game details must happen within a week of the request. 

6) If a team defaults a game, a result of 3-0 will be entered and the defaulting team will be deducted 3 points from the standings in addition to any fines. 

7) A team will be defunct if they default 2 back to back games that are at least 6 days apart or if they default 3 games over a season. 


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