Game Days

Sunday  Monday   Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday 
 MC5   MC3 MC1 MC2, MC4 MP  OT   
 U21   WP  WC2  WC1, WC4 WC3, WC5  Masters  
 Rescheduled Games   MR2, MR5  MR4 MR3, MR6 MR1    
   WR4  W30  WR2, WR5  WR1, WR3    

* WR Note: Due to a lack of registrations last year WR1 did not run. All WR divisions are being promoted up 1 spot. For example, if you played WR2 last year, your division will be labeled WR1 this year, but remain on Thursdays when WR2 played last year.



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