OCSL CONSTITUTION - adopted January 13, 2018
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The Ottawa-Carleton Soccer League which is Incorporated under the Corporations Act of the Province of Ontario, is governed by this Constitution and Rules & Regulations and:

  1. Promotes, develops, supports, governs, and maintains the game of soccer within its jurisdiction
  2. Provides an opportunity for any individual or organization to participate in, or learn about its activities
  3. Ensures that the player is the number one priority and has the opportunity to play at a level appropriate to his/her age and skill level
  4. Recognizes the Club as the main vehicle for the provision of opportunities for the player
  5. Provides a stable organizational structure for the ongoing viability of Clubs and Teams
  6. Maintains a policy of zero tolerance of discrimination, harassment and violence in any and all forms in the conduct of its operations, and requires that all members also conduct themselves accordingly


  1. There shall be an Ottawa-Carleton Soccer League (after this called the OCSL) with headquarters in the City of Ottawa.


    1. The OCSL shall apply each year to the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association to operate:

      1. Senior District Competitive League
      2. Senior District Recreational League

      And apply to the Ontario Soccer Association to operate:

      1. Senior Regional League – East Region
    2. The OCSL shall operate the Senior Regional, Senior District Competitive and Senior Recreational Leagues in accordance with OSA Governing Documents.
    3. The OCSL may organize divisions in any category requested by its members in accordance with OSA’s Pyramid For Play.


  1. The League shall be a Member of the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association and shall follow the published rules of the OSA.  The League is subject to the published rules in declining order of authority of the following governing organizations to which is affiliated:
  1. The Canadian Soccer Association
  2. The OSA  
  3. Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association   


  1. Membership shall be open to all amateur Clubs whose headquarters are in Eastern Ontario who have been accepted by the EODSA.
  2. Membership shall be open to any out of District teams and Clubs in accordance with OSA Published Rules.
  3. Applications:
    1.  Existing Clubs
      1. Application for Club membership renewal, providing that it still has a team eligible to play in the league based on the OSA’s Pyramid For Play in accordance with the OSA’s published rules, will be made annually, on or before March 1st, on a form provided by the League.  The completed application form must accompany the club’s team entry forms applicable fees & bonds, and current list of officers and contacts.
      2. Clubs may apply to have their teams play in a division of the League by completing an official entry form for the division.
      3. Applications shall only be accepted if the form is properly completed, and accompanied by the required application fees as specified in
      4. Where warranted, the League Management Board (LMB) will review the performance of any club and/or it’s teams before authorizing acceptance for the current season.
    2. New Clubs
      1. The membership application must be approved by the LMB.
      2. A club shall become eligible to be a new Member if one or more of its teams become eligible to play in the league based on the OSA’s Pyramid For Play in accordance with the OSA’s published rules.
      3. Applications from Clubs which did not operate teams in the OCSL in the previous year must be received by January 31 of the calendar year in which they wish to compete in league competition (ie. January 2003 for the 2003 outdoor season) on a form provided by the League.
      4. New members who are accepted into membership with the League will be automatically placed on a two (2) year probationary period.
      5. Applications must be submitted in writing to the Secretary, OCSL at the address of the OCSL and must be accompanied by a list of Club executives and a statement committing the Club to participate in the development and support of soccer within the jurisdiction of the League.  In assessing these applications for acceptance the LMB will give emphasis to the Club's proposed development/support plan.
      6. Each new Club is liable for payment of New Club Entry Fees at the time of its application.  These fees will be composed of a non-refundable equity payment and a performance bond.  The performance bond or any remaining part of it may be refunded at the end of the Club's two year probationary period or when the Club retires from the OCSL whichever comes first.  New Clubs which fail to meet the conditions of the OCSL shall be expelled and subject to non-re-admittance and to forfeiture of their entry fees.

Note - The LMB may, in exceptional circumstances, waive the Equity component, but not the Performance Bond component.

4. Each member Club shall forward to the OCSL office with its application a listing of Club officials/contacts including home, work, e-mail and facsimile phone numbers where applicable.  Subsequent changes shall be communicated to the OCSL office in writing within two (2) working days of the effective date of those changes.  Any Club which fails to do so will be held responsible for any misdirection of communications.

5. Correspondence will be handled according to the current Communication Policy.

6.Members shall be accorded the following rights:

  1. To be governed in accordance with the OSA and the OCSL’s published rules,
  2. To participate in OCSL sanctioned competitions,
  3. To attend and vote at all general meetings called by the league,
  4. To enter teams in the league in accordance with the OSA’s published rules.

7. A member may be fined, censured, suspended or expelled from Membership for cause and only after charges have been laid in accordance with the OCSL’s rules and regulations and a hearing held in accordance with the OCSL’s rules and regulations and the OSA’s published rules. A Member whose Membership has been suspended loses all rights of Membership until the suspension has been terminated.

8. Membership in the OCSL shall be deemed to have been terminated:

    1. If the Member submits a signed letter of withdrawal to the OCSL.
    2. If the Member is expelled by the OCSL.
    3. If the Member fails to renew Membership in accordance with the Constitution and Rules & Regulations.


  1. The League Management Board (see Article 7) shall present a budget to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for ratification or amendment.  The Annual General Meeting shall then determine the fees for each division.
  2. The OCSL or its Discipline Committee may require a member to post a performance bond at any time for just cause.
  3. The LMB or its authorized delegate(s) may levy fines for infractions of the Constitution, Bylaws, Laws or Rules of the OCSL or of any higher body to which it is affiliated, and which are applicable to its member teams, players and club officials.
  4. New member Clubs will be required to pay a non-refundable Membership Equity Fee and a Performance Bond upon application to the OCSL. (Should the application be refused these payments will be returned to the applicant.)  The amount of such fees will be set by the League Management Board and ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

Note - The LMB may, in exceptional circumstances, waive the Equity component, but not the Performance Bond component.


  1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall nominally be held on the second Saturday in January of each year.  The required notice of the AGM or any Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be 15 days.  The Agenda of the meeting, and the proposed financial budget for the coming year, in the case of an AGM, shall be included with the above notice. Such notification shall be done by regular mail or email.
    1. The draft minutes of any General Meeting shall be distributed within sixty (60) days after the meeting.
    2. The order of business shall include:
      1. Roll Call
      2. Credentials Report
      3. Minutes and matters arising from previous years AGM
      4. Chairman's Report- Previous Season
      5. Officer’s Report
      6. Treasurer’s Report
      7. Auditor’s Report
      8. Appointment of Auditors
      9. Any Other Reports arising from previous season
      10. Unfinished Business
      11. BREAK
      12. Amendments to Constitution and Rules & Regulations
      13. Election of the Board
      14. Budget and Fees
      15. Any other Business
      16. Roll Call
      17. Adjournment
    1. Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be convened at the request of a majority of the League Management Board; or, upon receipt by the OCSL Secretary of a written request sent Registered Mail from members representing at least 25% of the votes.  The request shall specify the purpose for which the meeting is to be convened and the agenda.  No other business shall be transacted except with unanimous consent of the meeting. The meeting shall be held within 30 days of receipt of the written request from the members.
    2.  A League General Meeting shall be called by the LMB to deal with the regular business of the League.
  2. An OCSL Assembly will be held no later than two (2) weeks before the start of any season if deemed necessary; for the purpose of reviewing and updating Club/Team listings, reviewing and updating Club and team names, reviewing playing and administrative rules for the coming season, and/or such other administrative matters as the League Management Board deems appropriate.
  3. For General Meetings and the Assembly attendance at, and throughout, the entire meeting is mandatory.  Any club that does not have the required representation (see 6.6.2) below) in attendance during the full meeting without reasonable cause (as determined by the League Management Board) will be assessed a fine.
  4. A member shall be any Club having one or more teams participating in the OCSL.
  5. Voting:
    1. At all General Meetings of the OCSL each member Club with teams registered in the OCSL shall be entitled to one vote for each team registered in the League on all matters except the amendment of division or category rules when only members of the division or category may vote.
    2. A Club's vote shall be cast by an authorized Club delegate.  No one delegate shall represent more than one Club at a General Meeting.  Every member entitled to a vote at a meeting of Members may by means of a proxy appoint another Member or a person as the member’s nominee to attend and act at the meeting in the manner, to the extent and with the power conferred by the proxy.
    3. No Club shall be entitled to any votes unless all monies due to the OCSL are paid up to date and no votes may be cast on behalf of a suspended Club.
    4. No Club may cast a vote on behalf of any team that was withdrawn at any point during the season and any such teams will not be included in the Club's count of teams.
    5. A majority of members in good standing shall form a quorum.
    6. Subject to the following paragraphs, a simple majority of all votes eligible to be cast by members present and entitled to vote shall decide in all situations.
    7. Club votes will be tallied in total and where necessary by competition categories and/or Men’s and Women’s Divisions.
    8. Where a vote is to be taken on any Rule that specifically applies to any one or any combination of the above categories only those Clubs with teams in the category or categories to which the matter pertains may cast a vote on the issue.
    9. Similarly, where a vote is to be taken on any Rule that applies to any specific division, or combination of divisions, only Clubs with teams in that/those division(s) may cast a vote on the issue.
    10. The decision as to who is entitled to vote on a specific issue will rest with the meeting chair.
  6. The Chair of the LMB shall have only a casting vote in the event of a tie and shall not be a Club delegate.


  1. The League business shall be conducted by a Management Board (hereinafter referred to as the League Management Board, Board or LMB) which shall consist of at least six (6) individuals, as may be amended from time to time in accordance with the League's Constitution or Rules & Regulations.  The LMB shall have the authority to decide all matters that affect the operation, management and administration of the League and to establish policies, procedures and guidelines as appropriate where not contrary to, or prohibited by, its own Constitution and Rules & Regulations or those of a higher body.
    1. The LMB shall comprise the following Elected (Corporate) Officers:
  1. Chair
  2. Deputy Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. And at least two of the following:
    1. Director, Competitions
    2. Director, Discipline
    3. Director, Officiating
    4. Director, at Large (odd year AGM)
    5. Director at Large (even year AGM)
    6. Director (odd year AGM)
    7. Director (even year AGM)
    8. Director (odd year AGM)
    9. Director (even year AGM)
  6. The LMB shall comprise the following appointed Liaisons
    1. Two Club Liaisons:
      1. Competitive Club Liaison
      2. Recreational Club Liaison
  1. An Officer or Director may hold more than one position.
  2. An Officer, Director or Liaison shall be 18 years of age or older and shall not be an undischarged bankrupt.
  3. An Officer or Director shall serve for a term of two years or until his or her successor is elected or appointed.
  4. A Liaison will serve a single term of one year only.
  5. The Chair, Secretary, Director Competitions, Director at Large (odd year AGM) and Director Officiating shall be elected at the AGM for odd numbered years.  The Deputy Chair, Treasurer, Director Discipline and Director at Large (even year AGM) will be elected at the AGM for even numbered years.  New Liaisons will be appointed every year.  Should a person holding a Liaison position wish to remain on the board longer than the single year term, she/he must seek election to a different board position.
  6. Clubs must be prepared to provide the name of a member of their club who is willing to be a Liaison.  If there are no volunteers for a Liaison position, a club name will be selected at random from a hat and that club must provide a Liaison.  If the club’s Liaison performs his or her duties, the club will not have its name put back in the hat until every other club has provided a Liaison.  Then all the names will be put back in.  The Competitive Liaison will be chosen from those clubs with competitive teams and the Recreational Liaison will be chosen from those clubs with recreational teams.  A draw will be re-done if it results in one club providing both Liaison positions.
  7. No club may provide a Competitive Liaison more often than once every 5 years.
  8. No club may provide a Recreational Liaison more often than once every 5 years.
  9. Any individual, not a member of the outgoing LMB, standing for election to the position of Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, or Director of the LMB shall provide, for circulation, a CV outlining his/her qualifications appropriate to the position for which he/she is a candidate.  Any person nominated from the floor and who agrees to stand for election shall be required to make a short verbal statement relative to his/her qualifications.
  10. A person standing for election to the position of Chair should have a minimum of one year’s experience on the board.
    1. The office of a member of the League Management Board shall be vacated:

      1. A Director has the right to resign her or his position by submitting a signed letter of resignation to the OCSL.
      2. A vacancy on the LMB and their respective position(s) held, caused by death, or resignation which has been accepted by the LMB, shall be filled by a majority vote of the League Management Board. The successor Director shall hold his or her incumbent's position(s) for the remainder of the term being filled.


    2. No member of the LMB shall be removed for arbitrary reasons but may be removed if:
  11. The Director is unable to perform the duties expected of the position due to, but not limited to, any of the following reasons:
    1. If she/he becomes incapable of performing the business of the OCSL
    2. If she/he is absent from two or more meetings of the Board without satisfactory reason
    3. If she/he no longer resides in reasonable proximity to the League
    4. If she/he becomes, or is discovered to be, an undischarged bankrupt; or
  12. The Director has compromised the integrity of the OCSL due to, but not limited to, any of the following reasons:
    1. If she/he has been found guilty of an offence under the Harassment Policy of The OSA
    2. If she/he has been found guilty of an offence involving violence under the Discipline Policy of The OSA
    3. If she/he has failed to properly account for monies or other property belonging to the OCSL
    4. If she/he has been found guilty of a criminal offence regardless of whether or not the offence directly affected the OCSL
    5. If she/he has been found guilty of failing to act in accordance with the Conflict of Interest Policy of The OSA
  13. A member of the LMB holding his or her respective position(s), as Director or other position(s), may be removed from office by the LMB for good and sufficient cause by a two-thirds vote of the LMB present, provided notice to remove the Director has been given to all Directors of the OCSL. If a Director is removed by the LMB, the LMB may appoint a successor to the incumbent's position(s) for the remainder of the term being filled.
  14. A member of the LMB may also be removed from office for good and sufficient cause at a meeting of the Members of the OCSL provided notice to remove the Director has been given to persons entitled to attend the Members' meeting. If a Director is removed at a Members' meeting, the Members entitled to vote may elect a successor to fill all position(s) held by the removed Director for the remainder of his or her term being filled.
    1. The Directors shall be subject to the Conflict of Interest Policy in the OSA's published rules.
    2. The League Management Board shall conduct the business of the League during the periods between general meetings of the League and in accordance with the authority granted to it in the rules and regulations of the League.
    3. The LMB shall be responsible for the appointment and renewal of appointments of all positions within the League except for those positions elected by the Membership of the League. This shall include the appointment of volunteer and paid positions within the League's operations. The selection process and the appointments shall be based on procedures outlined in the League's rules and regulations.
    4. The Board of Directors may also revoke, for cause, any appointment providing that it has followed the procedures for revoking an appointment as outlined in the League's rules and regulations.
    5. Duties of Directors
  15. Chair


    1. As provided for in the Dispute Resolution Policy of the OSA, and
    2. Where the Chair delegates the responsibility to another person, the Chair shall preside at all general meetings of the League and of the LMB. The Chair shall be ex officio a member of all committees, except any nominations committee; shall appoint all chairs of standing and special committees subject to ratification by the Board; coordinate all duties of the Board, committees, staff; and shall be the spokesperson for the League.
  16. Deputy Chair
    1. The Deputy Chair shall act in the absence of the Chair and shall have other powers as assigned by the Board.
  17. Treasurer
    1. The Treasurer shall
      1. ensure that full and accurate records are kept of the accounts of the League;
      2. shall report to the League Management Board at least once per quarter;
      3. shall submit an Annual Report to the Annual General Meeting.
  18. Secretary
    1. The Secretary shall
      1. keep a record of all minutes of the organization;
      2. keep on file all committee reports;
      3. notify officers and committee members of their election or appointment;
      4. furnish committees with those documents required to perform their duties;
      5. sign all certified copies of acts of the organization, unless otherwise specified in the League's rules and regulations;
      6. maintain record books in which the constitution, rules and regulations and minutes are entered and to have the current record books available at each meeting;
      7.  to send out to the Membership a notice of each general meeting; to send out to the board notice of each meeting;
      8. conduct the general correspondence of the organization that is not the proper function of another office or committee;
      9. prepare, prior to each meeting in consultation with the presiding officer, an order of business;
      10.  and in the absence of the president and vice-president to preside until the immediate election or appointment of a new presiding officer.
  19. Other Director Positions
    1. The duties of other Director Positions shall be determined by the League Management Board.
  20. Liaisons
    1. The Liaisons must attend the LMB meetings.
      1. Nominations and Elections
  21. Nominations for positions on the League Management Board may be made by any Member at the annual general meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.
  22. Nominations and elections for positions open shall be held in the order of the positions listed in the Constitution.
  23. Election shall be by secret ballot, but in the event only one candidate is nominated, no vote is required and the nominated candidate shall be declared elected by acclamation.
  24. A majority of the votes cast shall be required to elect Directors. In the event no candidate receives a majority, the candidate with the least votes shall be dropped from the ballot and another vote shall be held.
    1. LMB meetings shall be called as the LMB deems necessary but there shall be at least six (6) meetings during the year upon 14 days’ notice given by the Chair and Secretary.  LMB meetings shall be open to the membership in a capacity of observers.
    2. The Minutes of LMB meetings shall be recorded and shall be available for review at the OCSL office once accepted and approved by the LMB.
    3. A Quorum for LMB meetings shall be a majority of Elected and Appointed LMB members, except for matters concerning the legal requirements of the Corporation where only a majority of the Elected Officers will constitute a Quorum and have voting rights.
    4. The LMB shall pay such expenses for its members, staff and committee members as it shall deem reasonable but payment of honoraria shall be subject to ratification by the membership at the next legally constituted General Meeting.


  1. The LMB may be assisted in meeting its responsibilities by Standing Sub-Committees, as deemed necessary.  The Chairpersons of these Committees will be co-opted from members of the OCSL.  The Chairpersons will sit on the LMB and will have full voting rights except on those matters concerning the legal operation requirements of the Corporation.


  1. The accounts of the OCSL shall:
  1. Be audited annually by a Chartered Accountant if the annual Gross Revenue is greater than $30 000
  2. With the consent of all its Members, be exempt from any audit or Financial Review Engagement if the Annual Gross Revenue is less than $10 000.
    1. The Audit of the Financial Review Engagement statement shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting for adoption.
    2. At the Annual General Meeting of the League, a Chartered Accountant firm shall be appointed to perform the Audit of the Financial Review Engagement.
    3. The fiscal year of the OCSL shall end on October 31 of each year, unless otherwise ordered by the LMB.
    4. If the League has a surplus of $125000.00 or more, the excess monies will be returned to the member clubs. The monies will be split evenly across all teams that participated in the League the previous summer.


  1. All meetings of the OCSL shall be conducted in accordance with the most recently published Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised except as may be otherwise stipulated in this Constitution or other Rules and Regulations of the League.


  1. Constitution amendments may be proposed by the Board of Directors, or submitted by a Member to the League in writing at least 21 days prior to a general meeting of the League; and must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, and/or by a 2/3’s vote of the Membership voting in person or by proxy at a meeting of the League duly called for that purpose.
  2. All Members entitled to vote shall be notified with the League’s notice of the said Members’ meeting about Constitutional amendments referred to in 12.1 and other proposed Articles or amendments.


  1. The League shall have Rules and Regulations which shall include, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Discipline of a Member: summary of charges regarding misconduct
    2. Discipline of a Member: procedures for discipline hearing
  2. The LMB may approve and publish Rules and Regulations which are not inconsistent with this Constitution and not inconsistent with the Rules and Regulations of a higher level governing organization.
  3. Amendments to the Rules and Regulations may be made by a majority vote of the LMB or the Members at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. If the rules and regulations are amended by the LMB the amendment shall be presented for ratification at the next Annual General Meeting or a special general meeting called for that purpose. If the amendment is not ratified, it is of no effect and the previous Rules and Regulations are then in effect.


  1. Members of the Board of Directors or other servants to the League, their heirs, executors, administrators and estate and effects respectively shall be indemnified and saved harmless at all times by the League against all costs, losses and expenses incurred by them respectively in or about the discharge of their respective duties, except such as happens from their own respective willful neglect or default.


  1. The League shall adhere to the Dispute Resolution process as published and approved by the OSA from time to time.
  2. Any Member of the OCSL may initiate the Dispute Resolution process by communicating in writing to the OSA, with a copy to the League, the nature and facts of the dispute. The OSA, at its discretion, may proceed with the Dispute Resolution process by assigning one or more neutral persons to the dispute.
  3. The Dispute Resolution process shall not to be used for game discipline which follows the normal discipline and appeals process.
  4. The OCSL shall make available to any Member the Dispute Resolution process when requested.


  1. The OCSL shall adhere to the Harassment Policy as published and approved by The OSA from time to time.
  2. The Harassment Policy shall apply to all employees, directors, officers, volunteers, coaches, game officials, administrators, players, Members and registrants of the League.
  3. Harassment is defined as any comment, conduct, or gesture directed toward an individual or group of individuals which is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading or offensive. It includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment.
  4. The League shall make available to any Member the Harassment Policy when requested.


  1. Any registrant or registered organization directly affected by a decision of the League may appeal such decision. The denial or termination of Membership in the League may be appealed by a non-Member.
  2. A decision of the League may be appealed to the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association with which the League is affiliated. The appeal shall be conducted in accordance with The OSA's published rules.
  3. An individual shall not appeal a decision made by the Board of Directors regarding the appointment, non-appointment, re-appointment or revocation of an appointment of an individual to any coach or administrator position within the League's operations, except where the selection, appointment and revocation process outlined in the League's rules and regulations has not been followed.


  1. In the event of dissolution of the League, for whatever reason, then after payment of all debts and liabilities, its remaining property shall be distributed or disposed of by the LMB, following direction from the membership. If no direction is received from the membership, the remaining property shall be distributed to the member clubs in good standing using the formula of an equal share for each team that participated in the league in the previous season.


  1. Terminology used in this By-Law shall have the same meaning as used by the OSA in its letters patent, By-Laws and published rules.
  1. Member - Any Club with one or more team(s) registered in the OCSL.
  2. Corrective Action - When used in the Constitution or Rules & Regulations refers to those penalties etc. proscribed by a higher body where applicable, or where not defined shall cover suspension, fine, ejection from the League, posting of bonds or other sureties, deduction of points, re-assignment within the categories/divisions of play, or any combination.  Suspension can include life suspension, while fines shall not exceed $5000.00.  Posting of bonds or other sureties shall not exceed $10,000.00.


  1. The LMB and the Members of the OCSL agree that the management and operation of the League shall be in accordance with the current EODSA Constitution & Rules and Regulations and the OSA Constitution, Policies and Procedures.  Where there may be a discrepancy or conflict between these Bylaws and that of the EODSA or OSA, the latter take precedence.
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