2018 OCSL Team and Club Entry Fees 

 New Club Entry Fee: $350.00 (this is a one time fee)

New Club Performance Bond: $350.00 (to be returned after 2 successful seasons at discretion of LMB)


Annual Fees: 

Recreational Team Entry Fee: $480.00

Competitive Team Entry Fee: $510.00 

Regional Team Entry Fee: $575.00 


Field Rental Fees (permit plus lining of field):

Standard Field Fee (6:30 pm Kickoff): $850.00

Standard Field Fee (8:30 pm Kickoff): $1350.00 

Premium Field Fee: $2250.00 


Other Fees to Consider: 

EODSA Referee Fees

EODSA/OSA/CSA Player Registration Fees 

EODSA Admin Fees



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