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Reasons Beyond our Control


The following is a summary of the procedures for rescheduling games further to the OCSL Rules & Regulations.  Please refer to Rule XVI for the complete text.


Games will be rescheduled by the OCSL office in the situations noted below (paragraph 1 of the Rule):


  • The assigned referee does not appear for the match and no suitable stand in official is available or agreed upon at the field;
  • The permitting authority (the organization that issued the permit) closes the facility;
  • The referee judges the field to be unfit for play;
  • There are weather factors, such as an electrical storm, which in the opinion of the referee, warrant not playing the game or its abandonment.


“The rescheduled date set by the League shall stand.  Changes will only be considered if there is a conflict with a higher level competition game.”


Teams will be given 2 dates that are within a 2-week period of the originally scheduled game. Each team has 72 hours to respond with their preference of dates. Otherwise the league may reschedule the game unilaterally. Please note: All efforts should be made to have the game played at its originally scheduled time and location.


If a game is not completed due to one of the situations noted above, a Team Official must notify the office as soon as possible by sending an email to .


Rescheduling Requests


In the following situations (paragraph 2 of the Rule), teams may be allowed to reschedule a maximum of 1 game each if ALL the conditions are met.  A club or team official must submit the request to the OCSL at least 10 days in advance of the game. Premier teams are permitted to request 2 rescheduled games.


The request must include three (3) suggested dates that the game could be played. The OCSL office will then help to facilitate the rescheduling of the game. An agreement of the new date and location must happen within a week of the request. If no agreement is reached in this time the OCSL office will schedule the game as they see fit.


Upon request, confirmation and acceptance must be received from the opposition in order for the game to be accepted to be rescheduled. Agreement from the other team must be in writing. If the reason is one of the following, the request will be granted automatically.


  • teams wishing to take part in all approved tournaments and where necessary with authorized travel provided by the EODSA;
  • two or more players are involved with a CSA, OSA or EODSA program
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