New Play up rules and Clarification

If you are a recreational team (i.e. OT, Masters, WR, MR, W30+)
players are now permitted to play up a total of SIX (6) times which is up from three(3)

If you are a competitive team: (MC2 - MC5, WC2 - WC5)
You can call up a player 6 times but are still limited to 3 players per game

If you are a MP, MC1, WP, WC1 team and have a designated reserve team....those players coming from the reserve team are still unlimited number of call ups.
However, now you can call up a total of 6 players per game. This is ANY COMBINATION of play up (i.e. TRP (from another club) Play Up form (from within own club) and designated Reserve squad)

remember players themselves can only play up a TOTAL of 6 times in a season no matter how they split it up. The only exception is when its a reserve player playing for their parent team

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