TEAM ACTIVATION - E-mail sent out May 18

E-mails have been sent out to clubs regarding the process for team activation.

If you have not received anything please click here for the report and follow the instructions to activate your team.

There are still a number of teams that have not been activated.

"If you are receiving this e-mail you have already done an important thing and activated your team. I highly recommend you have another person activate themselves on your team (if you haven't already) in case the main person is unable to print game sheets or enter the scores.
However, please verify you have added all the players to your squad. Once these have been verified by the office they will appear on your game sheet. Unlike previous year your game sheet is generated by the program which lists all approved players. If you play Monday you need to do this by NOON Friday to ensure your team is completely ready to play on Monday. The OCSL office is NOT open as it is a stat holiday.

You can bring 2 or 3 copies to the game as long as you have enough for yourself and the game official.

For the first week, I realize that most people will not have handed out their jerseys yet and they will not know what the jersey numbers are until game time. Please ensure it's written on the game sheet and enter it after the game so you will have this information on your future game sheets.

Scores and goal scorers will need to be entered after your game. You will have 48 hours to do this and if you do not you will receive a reminder e-mail.

There is a document here that you can refer to for assistance.

Play ups and Temporary Registration Permits (TRPs): When you play up a player you still need to submit the appropriate form to the game official. You will have to hand write their name on the game sheet. We will verify every player that is a play up. Please refer to the rules. As well a reminder that no player can be called up that was not 16 as of January 1, 2011. This was passed by the membership at the AGM this past January. You will find a link for a Play Up form on our website under games.

As a side note the OCSL doesn't produce the ID cards the EODSA does. So please make sure your players have the right hours of business to avoid any possible frustration for yourselves.

Let's hope the rain stays away so we can start our season.

Wishing you a fantastic season!

Shanna Slater

OCSL Office Manager"

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