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June 7, 2011

To the OCSL membership: clubs, teams and players


As most of you will know, last November the Ottawa Carleton Soccer League (OCSL) appealed a decision from the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA) forbidding entry into the OCSL for all Quebec Old-timers teams. On April 27 we received a reply from the OSA indicating that the OCSL appeal was successful and the Quebec Old-timers could be granted entry into our league. We were shocked to receive another document from the OSA on June 1 - two weeks after the start of our very short season indicating that the Appeal decision was being reviewed by the OSA and that for the time being the Quebec teams cannot play.


The OCSL has at least three important issues with this decision:


1. The OSA's own rules indicate that the Appeal Committee's decisions are "final and binding" subject to an Appeal to a higher body, the Canadian Soccer Association. So why is the Quebec Old-timers decision being "reviewed"?


2. No reasons have been given for the OSA's new decision. The original Appeal decision gave many clear reasons why our appeal was successful. We would like to know what reasons the OSA have for reviewing their own committee and established process.


3. The letter of June 1 indicated that the decision in the OCSL's appeal will be forwarded to the East Regional League Management Committee for recommendation? Why? This Committee has nothing to do with the OCSL and there is clearly a major conflict of interest since the EODSA, who made the original decision to prevent the Quebec teams from playing, are the major member on this very small committee. It is quite clear that they should NOT be voting at OSA Board meetings for exactly that same conflict of interest reason.


Clearly this issue is very time sensitive and we have asked the OSA that this situation be resolved very quickly. We realise that they are very busy people, as are we all at this time of year. Nevertheless our season here in Ottawa is very short and we do not need to postpone games at this late stage. We have advised the OSA to remember that opposition teams from Ontario also will miss postponed games and it is too late to change the schedules.


You, the OCSL members, offered almost unanimous support to our efforts at the AGMs held January 9, 2010 and January 8, 2011. We invite the OCSL membership to again support the OCSL League Management Board on this issue.




David Norton

Ottawa Carleton Soccer League Chair

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