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Player ID Card Fact Sheet

OCSL Rules state that all players must present a valid ID card/ player book at the beginning of every game. The OCSL has a very strict policy when it comes to ID Cards. NO Card = NO Play

In the EODSA we use player ID cards. This information might be different if your team is from Quebec, or a different district. Please contact the OCSL office if that is the case.

What is a valid player ID Card?

A valid ID card will have the player’s picture, name, birth date, gender, OSA number, card issue date and card expiry date under the picture. The back of the card needs to be signed.

Cards expire 5 years after you have been issued it, on your birthday. Once the card has expired it is no longer valid.

Why do you need and ID Card?

The ID card is proof that you are the player that is listed on the game sheet. Being on the game sheet and having the card means that you are covered by OSA insurance.

How do you get an EODSA ID Card?

Starting March 1st the EODSA will no longer accept people coming into the office to get a card created.  All Cards will have to be created online.  You will still be able to pick-up your ID Card in the office once it has been created online.

What are the consequences for playing without an ID Card?

If found guilty of playing without a valid ID card a player could be suspended for 2 games, fined and the game result overturned.

A team official could be found guilty of playing an Ineligible player. This could result in a suspension and a fine.

What if my team forgot their ID cards?

There must be 7 valid ID cards and matching players at the field in order to start the game. If more than one player plays without valid ID they all will be subject to the above listed penalties.

The referee has the right to delay the start of the game until enough ID cards and matching players are at the field.

I told the Referee I didn’t have and card and they didn’t tell me I couldn’t play!

The referee does not have the ability to stop you from playing without your card. They however can warn you or your team official about the potential consequences. It is your choice to play without your card, and by doing so, accepting the consequences.

I arrived after the start of the game, what do I do?

As long as you arrive before the start of the second half you are allowed to play. If the game is in progress when you arrive, you will have to show your ID card to the referee at half time.


This is just a quick summary of information about ID cards. To find out more information about ID cards please check the EODSA website, the OCSL Discipline Procedures, and the OCSL Rules and Regulations.

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