Play Up Summary

Below is a summary of the call up rules. We encourage everyone to please ask us if they are confused or have a question. There are some pretty heavy fines attached to Call Up infractions so please take the time to ask. 


General Call Up Rules

  1. A player must be called up from their highest registration. This means if you have a player on MC3 and MR3, they can only be called up from MC3 to MC2, MC1 or MP.
  2. MR1 can only play up to OT1 or to competitive. OT1 can only play up to MR1 and competitive.
  3. MR2 and lower and OT2 and lower can call up from any OT2 and lower division or MR2 and lower division.
  4. Players on W30+ and Masters 50+ are allowed to play up to any OCSL team. W30+ and Masters 50+ may call up from any Recreational team as long as they qualify by age. 
  5. Players playing up to an age restricted division must still satisfy the age requirement.

Calling Up From Within Your Own Club

  1. The player must meet the requirements as listed above 
  2. No more than three (3) players from one or any combination of lower teams may play up for a team in a game.
    1. This does not apply for Senior Competitive teams after August 1st .
  3. A team found to be playing more than 3 players up at a time may be subject to corrective action. 
  4. A player is restricted to six (6) call ups per season. Once a player has played up for a maximum number of games, they cannot play any further games with a higher team unless that player is registered to the higher level team in accordance to OSA Published Rules 
  5. Any team found to be using a call up player from within their own club without using and submitting a completed OCSL Play Up Permit will be subject to disciplinary action. 
  6. The team calling up the player needs to either submit to the Match Official with the game sheets a fully completed call up form or process the call up throughout website. Information on that can be found later in this document.

Calling Up from another Club

  1. A team wishing to call up a player from a lower team in a different club must use a Temporary Eligibility Permit (TEP). This permit is to be obtained from the district the player is registered in. It is not possible to call up across provincial boarders.
  2. A copy of the completed form must be submitted with the game sheets to the Match Official
  3. In the event that players play up without such authorizations the team and club may face disciplinary actions. 
  4. A player can only play up on a TEP 3 times in a season. 
  5. A player on a TEP must also have with them a valid form of player identification and must present it to the Match Official during card check. 

For more information Please contact the EODSA or check out their FAQ

Calling Up through the OCSL Website *New*

We have added a new feature this year in an effort to reduce the amount of work and paper work required for teams. You can now process a play up through the OCSL website. This is similar to the ERSL process. Paper Play Up forms will still be accepted. 

Please note that this process has been designed only to reduce workload for all concerned. It does not check if the player requested is eligible for the requested team. For example the software will allow a Men’s Premier player to be called up to a Men Rec 4 team.

Clubs must still check OCSL and OSA rules to see if the request is valid. The club should only approve requests that meet all the published rules.

In the above example the club rep would decline this request.

Clubs will face discipline action if they approve a play up permit with this software process that breaks OCSL or OSA published rules.


How to call up through the website:

  1. Log in with your team official account
  2. Go to My Team
  3. Click Play Up Permits
  4. Click Add New Permit
  5. Select the game you need the player for
  6. Pick the team the player normally plays for
  7. Select the player from the list
  8. Click next
  9. A confirmation page will appear. Verify that the information is correct. If it is click Submit
  10. An email is then sent to a club official requesting approval of the permit.
  11. You will be returned to the Play Up Permit page and the Permit you have just completed will be listed with Requested beside it.
  12. The club rep now needs to log into the web site to see the request. The club rep has to approve or decline the request.

Note that there are no checks to see if the request is valid against league and OSA rules. It is the responsibility of the club rep to research if this request is within the rules. If it isn't then it should be declined.

  1. Once the club rep has made a decision on the request the team official will be sent an email with the decision.
  2. If approved, the player will not appear on your list of players when you print that game sheet. Select them in addition to the rest of the team.
  3. The player will appear on the game sheet with the words (Play Up Permit) beside their names.

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