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By definition the OCSL is here to serve its membership and offer quality soccer to adults in the EODSA. Referees are an important part of this quality programming. This season the OCSL office has been getting an alarming number of emails regarding the refereeing in the OCSL. Thus, the OCSL is working with the EODSA and the District Referee Coordinator in an effort to support and improve the quality of refereeing. This is something that is going to take time, and we are going to need some help from our teams.

I cannot be at every game every night to check on how our referees are performing. I need your help to tell me the good and the bad. 

Some of you likely already know this, but the OCSL has a referee feedback form that is available for teams to use to evaluate their referees after each game. We ask all teams to try and fill out this form each week, good or bad refereeing. This information will used to track trends with referees and identify points of improvements for them. 

For those who have used this form before you will notice a couple of changes this week. The 24 hour wait on the form has been removed. You can now complete the form right after your game, at the same time as entering your game report. Also changing this week will be some of the questions. This will bring us more closely in line with the ERSL and give us more data to track trends with. 

You can find the referee feedback form under the My Team section after logging in. 

If you have any questions about the referee feedback form, please do not hesitate to send me an email. 


Chelsea Norris 

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