2017 Divisional Offerings

In preparation for the 2017 season, the OCSL is pleased to announce the divisional configurations for next year. 

You can find the listing here. 


New in 2017: 

2 divisions of Coed - depending on who applies for the divisions we will either be operating in an east/west set up or in a Div 1/Div 2 set up

Expanded Women's Over 30 and addition of Women's Over 40 - We would like to see an expansion of the W30 to 2 divisions in a Div 1/ Div 2 set up. We would also like to add an Over 40 for Women. We are open for suggestions on these divisions on game nights or set up. We would also be open to east/west split.

U21 - We would like to see U21 actually run this year. We will be reaching out to U18 teams to let them know about it. 

Recreational East/ West division- this year we will be adding a non-promotion recreational division that will be split East and West. We will try to limit the amount of travel in these divisions and attempt to hold games at the same handful of fields each week. 


Change for WR divisions - Due to the lack of WR1 this year, all teams in WR will be promoted up 1 division. That means if you are playing in WR2 this summer, next summer you will be playing in WR1, but continue to play on Thursday nights, not WR1's Mondays. 


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