Competitive Club SGM

Thank you to everyone who attended the Competitive club SGM. 

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There is a mandatory meeting for all clubs that have competitive teams in the OCSL. More Information 

Meeting Details: 

Thursday September 29th 

7 pm 

Nepean Sportplex - Hall C 

1701 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean 

Topic: Competitive division restructuring

Required Attendance: Only clubs with Competitive teams are required to attend. Technical leadership from within your club is strongly recommended to attend in addition to any administrator or executive you wish to represent the club.

Please Note:

Article V, Meetings, Section 4 states:

“For General Meetings and the Assembly attendance at, and throughout the entire meeting is mandatory. Any Club that does not have the required representation (see V, 6.b) in attendance during the full meeting without reasonable cause (as determined by the League Management Board) will be assessed a fine of one hundred dollars ($100).”

Article V, Meetings, Section 6.b) states:

“A Club's vote shall be cast by an authorized Club delegate. No one delegate shall represent more than one Club at a General Meeting. Delegates other than persons listed with the OCSL as team or Club officials must present a letter of accreditation from their Club.”

Please note if your club is not in good standing and has money owing to the OCSL you will not be permitted to vote. 

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