Ontario Soccer SGM and AGM Update

In Winter 2016 Ontario Soccer called a Special General Meeting for it’s members to be held February 2017. The topic for this SGM was to approve the proposed changes to the Ontario Soccer governance structure.

In early February, the EODSA hosted an Ontario Soccer Town Hall for the EODSA membership to discuss the proposed changes. The OCSL attended this meeting and listened to what our membership thought about these changes. When we attended the SGM we voted against the changes. The motion failed.

In April, Ontario Soccer called a second SGM on the same changes. This SGM is to happen June 24th.

If you compare the two SGM documents, you will note that no significant changes have been made.

The OCSL has 1 vote at the SGM on this topic. The EODSA has several hundred. If you wish to provide feedback or direction on this topic and our vote, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Shar Sumner, LMB Chair. We always welcome your feedback. At the same time though, we encourage you to also reach out to Brian Mason, EODSA President and Joe Scheier, Acting Executive Director of the EODSA with the same thoughts and direction.

Shar Sumner chair@ocslonline.ca

Brian Mason president@eodsa.ca

Joe Scheier admin@eodsa.ca


Below are some helpful links.

February 2017 Amendments:


June 2017 Amendments:


Ontario Soccer Governance Modernization website:


Video of Ontario Soccer Town Halls:




PowerPoint from Town Halls:


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