Manager/Coach Activation- important

Please activate your teams now if you haven't done it.

You need a minimum of 2 reps in the system. All team reps (coaches, assistant coaches and managers) have the ability to print game sheets and you all follow the same set of instructions.

Please go to the following link to download the instructions. There has been a minor change from last year and it is regarding player activation.

Please note that even if teams have the potential of switching divisions you still need to activate your team.
It does not hinder anything on our end.

Please make sure you enter your team rosters online. We need that information to verify them against official OSA rosters.

Please remember that if you type in a players name on the OCSL website it does not mean they are registered by their club. They still have to be registered by your club in AIMS in order to appear on the game sheets.

And last but not least, please make sure your players ID Cards are up to date and not expired.
Expired is not valid and therefore no good which means they cannot play with an expired ID Card.

Thank you

Shanna Slater
OCSL Office Manager

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