2017 Divisional Offerings
Aug 22, 2016
New divisions to be added in 2017

West Ottawa Oldtimers Tournament 2016
Aug 9, 2016
Saturday September 24th

Miss out on our Making Ethical Decisions Course?
Aug 6, 2016
More courses being offered

NCISL Tournament
Jul 20, 2016
September 10 2016

24th Annual Fitzroy Harbour Soccer Tournament
Jul 18, 2016
Men's Masters and OT Tournament

Referee Feedback
Jul 5, 2016
Now available to all teams under My Team

Changes to Coaching Certification Requirements
Jun 13, 2016
in effect April 2017

Rescheduling Games
May 10, 2016
Rescheduling Process


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Men C1
Cap U MC1PreRockers MC1
Royals MC1PreHornets MC1
St Stefan MCPreWOSC MC1

Men C2
Lusitania MC0 - 4 Hornets MC2
Royals BluePreOSU Dukes
Celtic MC2 PreWOSC MC2
Royals SilvePreCCA Stallion
OISC MC2PreLusitania MC

Men C3
Impact MC32 - 0 Cobras MC3
CCA MC3PreRockland MC3
Falcons MC34 - 2 Royals MC3
CCA MC3PreCobras MC3

Men C4
Jadran MC4 PreRoyals MC4
Bosnia MC4PreGlengarry
Impact MC4PreRussell MC4
LACA MC4PrePrescott MC4
OISC MC4 PreRoyals MC4

Men C5
W Eagles C51 - 4 CCA MC5
OSU MC52 - 3 Hellenic MC5
CP MC5defJadran MC5
W Eagles C5PreHellenic MC5
Jadran MC5PreSt A MC5

Men Premier
Hellenic MPPreSt A MP

Men Rec 1
G Inter MR1PreLynwood MR1
Royals S MR1PrePerth MR1
Lynwood MR1PreFalcons MR1
Hooligans MRPreRangers MR1
Kemptville 1PreRoyals B MR1
Inter Milan PreLACA MR1

Men Rec 2
Hornets MR23 - 1 Raiders MR2

Men Rec 3
Eleven MR3PreWolves MR3
Strollers R3PreLightning R3
ND MR3PreSpartans MR3

Men Rec 5
Wolves MR55 - 1 Falcons GB
Rangers MR50 - 3 Lynwood MR5
Lynwood Cap 3 - 2 Thistle MR5
Brewers MR5PreKemptville 5
CP MR5PreBlues MR5

Men Rec 6
Fitzroy MR6PreArnprior MR6
ND MR6PreLynwood MR6
Spitfires R6PreOISC MR6
Bears MR6PreBurners MR6
SF StrikersPreOSU MR6

Ottawa Competitive Cup

Ottawa Recreational Cup
Arnprior MR3PreRoyals S MR1

Men OT Masters1
Falcons 50PreLynwood MOT1
Cosmos MOT10 - 3 Royals MOT1
Hornets MOT1PreWOSC MOT1
St Stefan MOPreLynwood MOT1
Falcons MOT1PrePerth MOT1
Cosmos MOT1PreChelsea MOT1
Hull MOT1PreRoyals MOT1
Falcons 50PreW Eagles MOT

Men OT Masters2
Hull MOT22 - 0 Spurs MOT2
Falcons MOT22 - 1 LACA MOT2
Jadran MOT2PreHull MOT2
Fitzroy MOT2PreFalcons MOT2
Hotspurs MOTPreAylmer MOT2
WOSC MOT2PreGloucester M
Almonte MOT2PreSpurs MOT2
Hornets MOT2PreLACA MOT2
OISC MOT1PreHotspurs TG

Men OT1
Lusitania O13 - 3 St Stefan O1
Celtic OT1PreOISC OT1
Lusitania O1PreLynwood OT1
St Stefan O1PreFalcons OT1

Men OT2
Bosnia OT2PreChelsea OT2
Falcons OT2PreRockers OT2
Vitosha OT2PreLusitania O2
Cap U OT2PreWOSC Jets
OISC 300 OT2PreCeltic OT2
WOSC OT2PreSt Stefan O2

Men OT3
Strollers O32 - 0 W Eagles OT3
OSU OT3defAylmer M OT3
SL OT3PreChelsea OT3
CCA OT3PreWolves OT3
Fiorentina WPreLACA OT3
Gloucester SPreAylmer M OT3
IM OT3PreW Eagles OT3
Aylmer C OT3PreJadran OT3

Men OT4
Fitzroy OT43 - 0 SL OT4
Lynwood OT4PreWOSC OT4
Fitzroy OT4PreLynwood RS
SL OT4PreRussell OT4
Royals OT4PreArnprior OT4
Bears OT4PreAylmer V OT4
LACA OT4PreRoyals S OT4
Peru OT4PreKemptville 4
Aylmer R OT4PreWOSC Gh

Men OT5
Hellenic OT5PreO Eagles OT5
Almonte OT5PreOISC OB OT5
W Eagles OT5PreRoyals OT5
Bolides OT5PreAlmonte OT5
Gloucester 5PreFusion OT5

Men OT6
Korean OT6PreFusion OT6
Rockers OT6PreSeals OT6
Cobras OT6PreLusitania 6
Hellenic OT6PreBears OT6
Bears Ur OT6PreCity OT6
WOSC SOT6PrePrescott OT6
WOSC G OT6PreFitzroy OT6
Spitfires OTPreWOSC K OT6

Men OT7
Chelsea OT70 - 2 Chelsea OT7
LACA OT7PrePerth OT7
Lusitania 7PreOISC J OT7
WOSC OT7PreChelsea C OT
Aylmer C OT7PreWOSC OT7
Chelsea OT7PreSF OT7
Chelsea OT7PreHotspurs OT7

Women C1
Attack WC1PreWOSC WC1
Royals WC1PreRockers WC1
Falcons WC1PreImpact WC1

Women C2
Cobras W WC2PreHotspurs Inf
WOSC WC2PreImpact WC2

Women C3
Cobras B WC3PreOISC WC3
Rockers WC3PreRoyals WC3
Lusitania C3PreRockland WC3
Hornets WC3PreFalcons WC3
CP Shooters PreWC Talons WC

Women C4
OISC WC4PrePrescott WC4

Women C5
Russell WC5PreKemptville K
CCA WC5PrePerth WC5

Women Over 30
Prescott W30PreSF W30
Falcons W30PreW Eagles W30

Women Rec 3
Raiders WR3PreWOSC WR3
Almonte WR3PreSwat WR3
Hornets WR3PreHellenic WR3
Lynwood WR3PreTalons WR3

Women Rec 4
OSU WR4PreMissfits WR4
Jadran WR4PreFusion WR4
Cobras WR4PreStorm WR4

Women Rec 5
WestendersPreBears WR5
Arnprior WR51 - 4 OSU WR5
Jazz WR51 - 4 OISC Code W
OISC Code B5 - 2 Almonte WR5
CP Panthers1 - 2 Lunachicks

Women Rec 6
CP ShootersPreArnprior WR6
Flyers WR6PreWest C WR6


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